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Throw Out the Rules and Let the Real Dating Begin
Aug 09, 2016
Throw Out the Rules and Let the Real Dating Begin

Dating the term really sounds good, approximately till the stage, it is lead to taking commitments and responsibilities in most of the teens, It has really become an ambiguous term for the people.

Sometimes it really sounds funny when they go with multiple people on dating, for others, it can just be a fun activity of spending some time with the person who like so much.

Let’s use this language of the computer, Task taken - date , Output - can be something from a hot coffee to something hot in chat or sex as they can’t wait for moving another day or wasting the moment.

One of the biggest ways to explore is taken from Western Europe, people tend to explore a lot and make friends with a number of people. This can be from an age of 12 to 70 years. Within a just few discussions at Irish coffee or lot more can just happen in seconds and minutes.

Most of the countries like Ireland, France, Belgium, North America, have different craze in romance and relationship as they have the origin tasted within living together with fun and free life.

Expressing love

75 % of the people have failures in their love stories just by not expressing their love. This really sounds funny but it has already taken a survey also by the psychologists and is proven fact that most of them don't express their feeling and emotions that they carry towards a lover.

No more rules just the values

Just let me start off with a question of asking you, as how many change their preferences in their lifetime and how many times it happens over the complete life. Let’s say, for example, a teenager wants to spend the best time, laugh loudly, enjoy the life, however moving to 70's this might change as being spiritual and maintaining the fitness of the body very well.

So coming to dating with others, teenager have different view towards what they want to spend time with and more over have many of the dreams coming up to disturb their state of mind.

An un-controllable stage might lead to some or the other problems, getting into their life un-knowingly.

So just maintain the values which have to be taken in dating and relationship to maintain a healthy and great time for your memories of life.

Look out how to spend your time, which can be the valuable one, then your money, also your energy.  Just share your thoughts and ideas to get the best views of the opposite partner and mostly be confident is making yourslef happy with them

Communicate Properly with each other:

Communicate with some of these questions with the person whom you want to date with as this might help each other to clarify most of the doubts going to be raised in your relationship.

1. Let me know the method of communication you would like to be with me (email, message, chatting, what sap etc..) and why?

2. How frequently you wish to communicate with me?

3. How to you want me to be with you for the next 2 months?

4. Do you have any communication problem in speaking with me?

5. How do you be comfortable in communication or in silence?

6. How do you feel when your work or professional life gets disturbed ?

7. Would you be able to talk to me even when you do other things ?

8. Do you feel comfortable in having eye contact with me while speaking ?

9. Let me know that topics which you dont want me to speak with you ?

10. Are you comfortable in sharing your personals or secrets with me ?

So by getting best of these answers you can choose being comfortable and happy with them or you have to choose to take another option to think about being in love or relationship.

Have Fun!

Being in relations or dating with someone is really great and first signs of attractions which everyone wants to show when having fun. Cuddling, hugging and kissing might be some of them as they might be showing their feelings and emotional way of connecting with people.

Bottom line:

We suggest you to break the rules and regulations as this might not be a place to be bent to rules and regulations and dating obviously is fun to all of them.


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