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6 Common Foods That Are Hard To Digest
Jun 13, 2016
6 Common Foods That Are Hard To Digest

6 Common Foods That Are Hard To Digest

Delectable, creamy, piquant chocolate bar with a strong aroma of the pleasant soothing cocoa beans would instantly make you forget all your health concern and tempt you to go for a bite, can't complain, anybody, because the human brain is wired to release hormones to when you see some foods which make your mouth watering.

But our body works in a pattern such that it has difficulty digesting some food materials, whereas some are easy as breaking a pencil tip. So if you know what to eat when there is a fair chance that you can improve your appetite and digestion thus ruling out gastro problems.

Hard Digesters

Here are some common foods on our menu that are hard digesters, which mean they need more time and acid activity in order to break down and release nutrients.

Dairy Products:

Most of us consume some sort of dairy products every day like milk, curd, butter etc. Lactose is a component in the milk or other dairy products that creates a problem if not properly digested. Our body employs lactase, rennin and bundle other enzymes to digest dairy products. Usually, any shortage in any of these would affect the breaking down part which creates lactose intolerance resulting in stomach cramps, bloating, diarrhea etc.

Spicy treats: 

Spicy foods are the taste bud entertainer, but not for our stomach. Spicy food agrees least with the stomach juices creating a tension throughout the journey out of the body. Certain components in the spices would create an unfavorable reaction with stomach acids creating digestive disorders.

Acidic Foods:

Simply those foods rich in acids are not going to make you happy, at least sometimes. Fruits like lemon, grapes, orange, some sauces etc. can be listed under this class. Mainly the soda drinks are acidic which might have the reverse effect if you consume them as a remedy for acidity.

The fatty class:

Oil, butter, meat, cheese all of these chaps are major contributors of our plate but they are bad shower inside the stomach.  Fatty food tends to spend more time passing from stomach to intestine and then out of the body. In the meanwhile body to even trigger diarrhea in order to avoid further slowing down.

Fried fare:

Meals without fried stuff are like marriage without groom though the analogy sounds cool the fried food doesn’t work cool inside our body. They tend to spend more time because oil components are hard to get digested, if the oil is stale then body’s natural immunity kicks in responding with vomiting, diarrhea, and dehydration.

Artificial sweeteners:

Artificial sweeteners are especial in the kitchen rack, but they are the major shareholders when it comes to processed food stuff. Artificial sweeteners are chemical compounds mimicking natural sugar but packs in many times punch than natural. Sorbitol can be one good example for this once they reach the last stage of digestion they create panic inside the large intestine flopping its activities.

This list is not complete, but the mentioned items are the most common class of food substance that we consume every day, so better keep in mind when you take them for your dine, they might be a treat for your taste buds and nose but not for your digestive system.


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