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Garbage in-Garbage out–Healthy Diet Secrets
Aug 20, 2016
Garbage in-Garbage out–Healthy Diet Secrets

Healthy Diet Secrets

The human body is a machine of sorts. A unique one at that. This machine works non-stop from birth and until the final breath without a pause and there are no second chances allowed. So, how are you choosing to fuel this machine .1 the human body?

Are you feeding it nutritious food, or do you feed it bad media, are you giving it fresh air, are you stressing it with worry, are you keeping it healthy and happy? Ask yourself these questions every day.

Here are a few habits that are easy to follow no matter where you live or your lifestyle. Go back to the basics and you will not go wrong!

What do you eat?

Think color. Avoid white foods - bread, Pastas, sugars, salt, flour, etc. Eat a variety of Fruits and vegetables - in all colors, that in it will ensure your diet is comprised of the right things.

When do you eat?

Eat at least 3 meals a day. Don’t skip meals. Plan to have your last meal by 7pm. So that your system gets some rest until you breakfast the next morning.

How much do you eat?

Your stomach is the size of a fist. Really, it is not any bigger than that. Yes, it expands and contracts during digestion. It is easy to now realize that you most likely have gotten in the habit of consuming more that your body needs. So, watch your portion size. Fist size quantity of food every meal is a great habit. Try reducing the size of your plate. That helps too.

Why do you eat?

Many people confuse thirst with hunger and instead of drinking water they consume solid food. Some people eat while watching TV or browsing social media so they don't pay attention to what they are consuming and end up eating junk. Some people take to food when they are stressed. Some eat out of sheer boredom. So, watch what influences your eating habit and take control.

You already eat what is readily available to you. So, plan your shopping every week and keep fresh vegetables and fruits handy. Prep your food and keep it ready to cook or easy to carry with you to school or work. It's when you have fewer options that you reach for that package of cookies or ice-cream or pull into the drive-through of a fast food joint.

How do you eat?

Eat slowly and focus on what you are eating. Enjoy the tenures, flavors, aromas of the food you consume that makes your meal satisfying and you don't crave more food again in a short while. Never eat alone. If at home bring your family together to share the meal if at work, go have a meal with a co-worker that you don’t see day in and day out. Great company + Great food = Happy people!

Eat well and be happy.


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