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Sweet Potatoes-For a Healthy Diet
Aug 22, 2016
Sweet Potatoes-For a Healthy Diet

The Health Benefits of Sweet Potatoes

The benefits of the commonly available, inexpensive, ordinary looking root are many times grossly under-estimated. Here are some interesting things that may amaze you enough to include this into your diet.

The biggest benefit of Sweet Potato is that it has 120./. of the daily value of Vitamin A and 30% DV of Vitamin C. So, this vegetable is great for your eyes and also good for your immunity, lower hypertension, maintains elasticity of the skin, etc.

Keep the skin on, it is rich in Fibre (16% Daily Value) and contains soluble fiber which is good for digestion. Its potassium content helps your heart health by helping you keep a better blood pressure.

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Calories    100

Calories from fat

Total Fat                 (g) (%0V)    0 g, 0% DV

Sodium                   (g) (%DV)    70 g, 3% DV

Potassium              (9) (%DV)    440g, 13% DV

Tot. Carbohydrate  (g) (%DV)    23g, 8% DV

Dietary Fibre          (g) (%DV)    4g, 16% DV

Sugars (9)              7g

Protein (g)              2g

Vitamin A               (DV%)    120% DV

Vitamin C               (DV%)    30% DV

Calcium                  (DV%)    4% DV

Iron                         (DV%)    4% DV

Different ways to consume sweet potatoes

For Babies

Cook or bake the sweet potato, cut it in half, remove the flesh and puree until it gets smooth. If you want a smoother finish then add a splash of milk and your nutritious baby food is ready!


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