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How to Hide Pimples With Makeup
Jul 19, 2016
How to Hide Pimples With Makeup

I am sure that this title would attract many of the readers as most of you have faced problem with pimples.  Pimples or blemishes or acne, no matter what name it takes, the results are same, loss of beauty. 

Pimples on face take away the beauty of the face.  Pimples are mainly seen in youth.  Young girls face a great problem with pimples and acne.  In the name of getting rid of pimples and their marks, people drain their wallets on different types of chemical filled products, which claim to reduce pimples.  But the results would be none to slim. 

Few people leave the pimple the way they are and when the situation went beyond their control they start taking preventive measures, which would be of no use.  Pimples should be treated as soon as they pop up on your face.  Otherwise, one pimple will pave way to the other and the number increases day-by-day.  There are many ways to pimple. 

There are scores of products available in the market to treat pimples or acne or scars created by pimples.  We can even treat pimples at home.  Home ingredients can help a lot in treating pimples.  Let’s get into the main topic. 

If suddenly you have a party to attend and if a pimple pops up on your face, then what to do?  Here the best instant tip you can try on your pimples to cover them is use a makeup on them.  Yes, you can cover your pimples and their marks using a makeup instantly.

Tips To Cover Your Pimples With Makeup

Step 1:-

This is the first step in our mission “hiding pimples and their marks”. If you are about to buy a concealer, the first thing you have to do is consult a dermatologist.  It is always good to be educated about something that we are unaware of.  If you are new to using concealers, it is advised to consult a doctor before starting to apply it on your face. 

If you are suffering with intense damage on your face because of pimples and acne, it is better to consult a dermatologist before applying any concealer or foundation on your face.  And one wrong thing that most of the people do is reusing the same sponge for makeup. 

This could intensify the pimples and acne on face.  The sponge that is used on our face once will get bacteria on it.  If we use this sponge twice or dip the same sponge on the concelear or foundation there are chances that the bacteria pass into them. 

It is also advised not to dip your finger tips into the bottles of foundation as you are indirectly increasing the number of bacteria by dipping the same finger in the bottle after applying it on the face.  

Step 2:-

Few people are less prone to pimples and acne.  It is easy to cover less number of pimples and acne using foundation.  Using your finger tips take some foundation and apply it on your face.

Massage the foundation on your face for awhile and after 10 seconds when it is dried, apply another coat of foundation on your face.  Use a makeup sponge to do that.  Make certain that the foundation you choose is yellow toned.  Yellow toned foundation helps in covering pimples that are new. 

Step 3:-

This step is very much important as it revolves around early aging problem.  We use the anti-aging or wrinkles cream in this step to cover the pimples and acne.  If you are suffering with intense acne or pimples, you can apply concealer to cover them. 

Concealer needs to be massaged very well that it should penetrate into the skin.  While choosing which concealer to use, first you have to know what type of skin tone you have and which level of acne you are suffering with. 

If the pimples or acne are intense on the face, it is advised to choose a green concealer.  The color of the concealer can help improve our skin tone or undertone our skin tone.  If you cannot find green concealer in the market, just add some green color from your eyeliner pencils.  Don’t add much of the green. 

We are adding green in order to reduce the redness of acne on face.  Now apply some concealer on your face and dab it.  Don’t rub or swipe it on the areas of pimples.  Now apply some foundation that suits your skin tone. 

Step 4:-

It time for the compact.  Most people normally use talcum powder after applying foundation or cream on their face.  But it is recommended to use compact after you are done with a concealer and a foundation.  There are different types of compacts for different skin tones. 

We may also use talcum powder instead of a compact, but as compact comes with an added advantage of providing color based on our skin tone, it is advised to use compact on powder. 

Applying powder or compact on face could help in reducing the sweat from the face.  When it comes to the affected areas of acne, applying compact or talcum powder at those areas would help the makeup to hold back for a long time.

Before starting to get into action, you have to follow few steps in order to make these tips run in success track.  Our mission of covering pimples and acne will work only if few precautions are taken before we start.  Start with a quick hot water shower. 

If you are in lack of time, you can just employ a towel to work for you.  Just dip the towel in warm water and put the towel on the pimples and acne affected area.  This will help open up the pores present on the face.  Once you are done with bathing with warm water, start cleansing the affected area. 

Don’t use much force while cleansing.  This could again result in more acne and pimples.  Just gently cleanse your face with a best cleanser.   When you are done with the cleanser, it is the time for moisturizing your skin. 

Moisturizer plays a vital role as it is the first layer that is to be applied on the skin.  Make certain to choose a moisturizer that is oil-free.  If your moisturizer is not oil-free, it will spoil your entire make up.  If you are perfect with these things, you are absolutely ready to use the above tips to cover your pimples and acne.

You may have pimples or acne on your face at different areas like cheeks, chin, nose, forehead etc.  As we are human beings, it is obvious that we judge ourselves with others looks.

Depending on the area of acne, you have to take the step.  If you are having pimples on your cheeks, highlight some other part on your face with makeup so that the attention will be diverted to that area instead of the affected area.  You can use good eyeliners that highlight your eyes or you can use beautiful lip sticks to shift people’s attention from affected area to beautiful area. 

These are the tips that will help you hide your pimples.  Chop chop!  Use them to instantly cover you pimples or acne.  Hope you enjoyed reading our article.  Let us meet in the comments section.


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