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How To Keep Your Makeup In Place All Day
Jul 19, 2016
How To Keep Your Makeup In Place All Day

How To Keep Your Makeup In Place All Day

Hope you have worked so tough to produce a perfect makeup look and because of unbearable heat and humidity, your work will melt away gradually. The thing of beauty should be a delight forever and it should survive at least until five o’clock.

The good news for all makeup lovers is there are few steps you can consider making your makeup last all day and we are here to explain them clearly. With these fail proof tips, there is no hesitation that your makeup will beat the heat and humidity.

Clean your Face before Makeup

Throwing away dust, oil, and existing makeup will aid your new makeup to stay fora longer period. If you apply anew make-up on unclean face, it will incline to a off or fleck away easily. So, clean your face freshly in the morning, before applying makeup. Never use hard soap on your skin as it can source annoyance and dryness that makes your makeup go off quickly.


Exfoliate your Skin

Dead skin cells have a habit of accumulation on your skin and face, particularly with boldness, so it is significant to exfoliate at least few times in a month to remove the dead cells. Applying makeup on dead skin cells will flake it off in less time. Your makeover will gaze and act better on an even, exfoliated face.

Use a fine facial brush to remove the dead cells from your surface. You can also use a natural sugar scrub that works well to exfoliate dead skin. Exfoliate your lips also to have a long lasting lipstick touch.

Moisturize your Skin

If you are having an oily skin, go for a gel-type oil free moisturizer. Dry skin people can go for the highly nourishing type. Make certain to have a moisturizer that should be more than SPF 15 in order to guard your skin against harmful sun rays. If your age is above 30, better to use and SPF protection with anti-wrinkle stuff. Never use a heavy creamy moisturizer as it makes your skin too slimy for your face.

Good primer

Applying a decent primer is the best tip to have a proper makeover that stays through the complete day. Few best primers can get slight pricey, but it is not mandatory to use heavily for a blameless texture. Put on the primer all over your face, particularly over blemished areas or oily areas, and any marks that you need to cover.

Eye Primers

It will make your eye shadow to survive longer and stop scrupling in the eyelid. It also makes colors look more vivacious and less radiant. If you won’t use a heavy eye makeup, an eye primer might not be enough. Conversely, it can truly aid if your eye makes over inclines to blotch and finish up under your eyes. It can also aid your eyeliner to stay in one place.

Perfect Foundation

If you don't like to use a fluid foundation, you would get a rock crystal powder in the place of liquid foundation. Otherwise, try a creamy foundation or powdered form or dyed moisturizer. Mineral powdered makeup can be decent for some people, but for other people, it can be a slog. Getting the perfect shade can be problematic if you have yellowish skin tones.

Lip Color

Your lipstick should sustain on your lips complete day, even if you have eatables and drinks. Make certain to nourish your lips appropriately before putting on long-wearing lipstick.

For getting long-lasting color shade best to use a lip liner around your lips. This aids the shape to stay fixed through a complete day.

Powdered Eye Shade

Applying a powdered eye shadow with a finished primer will retain your color in the same place complete day. Cream shades incline to slide off more quickly. Put on the compact powder to the eye primer using an eye shadow brush, and make it set for some time.

Mascara should be Waterproof

Smudge proof or water proof mascara works well to save your eyes looking bright complete day. Smudge proof mascara won't nudge if you occur to get damp or cry. Just make certain you are not supposed to go to bed with it, as it will clamp and let your eyelashes drip off.

Never waste your money on primer mascara. Mascara primer put weight on your eyelashes, making them look smaller.

Don’t touch your Face

All the time when you touch your face, you are taking away a small part of makeup and growing the chances it will get smudged. Elude putting hands on your face as much as likely.

Have less Makeup in summer

When it is too hot outside, having heavy makeup is certainly not a perfect idea. As you sweat, your powder will certainly fleck off a lot more simply. The good thing to do is have a smudge-proof eye makeup and go relaxed on the compact, more rather than aggressive to retain it in place complete day.

Use of Makeup setting Sprays

Makeup setting sprays are precisely designed to avoid makeup meltdown so you barely have to drop it up from day to night. Similar to a hairspray makeup setting spray is used for the face; a mist of this would be your last phase before leaving the home. Find the faultless one for you to have the best makeup setting all through the day.

Pack the essentials

It is always good to keep a small makeup bag with full of daily essentials. Regular products we like to have on hand including blotting papers pressed powder and a lipstick.

Follow these simple makeup tips and have pleasure in having long lasting makeup. Look fresh and beautiful with these simple tips.


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