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5 Best Ways to Get Happy Feet With Massages
Feb 04, 2017
5 Best Ways to Get Happy Feet With Massages

Feet massage, to be plural foot massage is one of the coolest things that can offer you a relief from all kinds of stress and strain that body carries. In the ancient China, and in Indian Ayurveda foot massage has its own importance because they understood the fact that one of the foot is enough to solve half body.

That statement does mean a lot because nobody hasn’t got any idea how many pressure points our feet has. If the foot can properly care, then you have solved half of your problems related to stress, tension, anxiety, migraine, fatigue etc.

It is a theoretically mind-blowing practice followed around the world in order to encourage general health and wellbeing. You might have heard about reflexology, else it is one of the ancient technique using various pressure points on feet to stimulate good health of different organs on your body. 

Reflex points spread all across the feet, ankle, soles etc. the one with proper knowledge about these points can give a good massage for revelation of the whole body and health. Let us see some massaging techniques:

Feet Massage and Health Benefits:

1) You can sleep better:

A thorough foot massage before bed offers you a good night sleep, there are certain points on the feet where when pressure is applied enhances the overall blood circulation thus releasing the body from a hectic day.

Reflex Points: (Massaging this point on foot will be beneficial)

• The region right below big toe finger

• Bottom soft region of your feet

2) Healthy blood circulation:

Practicing foot massage daily helps improve the blood circulation to various parts of your body. You can refer to a foot massage chart which denotes each muscle on the feet representing one of the organs or a gland in your body. Thus, this simple hack would pump more blood giving you a refreshed feeling

Reflex points:

• Muscles below front section of feet

• Lower plantar muscle.

3) Stress Reliever:

A good massage on the feet will relieve all your stress. Imagine a tiring day of work, from head to toe it will be filled with work related stress. Hands over feet can do the magic, like letting the pressure out of a cooker.

This is more effective before bed, thus gives you the double joy of stress less good night sleep.

Reflex points:

• Achilles tendons

• Middle Lower feet

4) Kicks out depression:

In a recent study published in Clinical Nursing Journal, a good limb massage can fight depression after the demise of loved ones. Depression can catch you anytime, it’s how body cope with chronic sorrow. But if have this reflex hack in our hand then depression don’t stand a chance fooling us.

Reflex Points:

• Region below big toe finger

• Upper plane of feet

• The main tendon on the ankle

5) Helps you get out of PMS:

PMS is sometimes very tough to get over, in such cases a good foot massage can aid the alleviation of pain and difficulty during post menstruation period.

According to acupuncture, theory foot has 3 basic reflex points that can help you ease PMS.

Reflex point:

• Grandfather point (along the curved line of feet)

• The plane of toe finger feet joint.

So that’s how simply a foot can massage do a big change in your daily life if practiced and performed correctly the advantages are more than one in the paper. Now it’s your try!


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