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Amazing Benefits Of Onions For Skin Hair and Health
Jul 27, 2016
Amazing Benefits Of Onions For Skin Hair and Health

We all know that onion plays a major role in our healthy life today. Onion is the most used ingredient in many foods. Not only in food it is also used for health, skin, and beauty related problems as a remedy. It is known to one of the quick healing medicines for several health issues. 

Though the pungent odor makes you irritated, it is worth enough as it is loaded with many chemicals and detoxification properties which can treat your illness and makes you glow. To know all its numerous benefits, you can go through the below information.

One of the most effective uses of onion is for hair. There are many uses using onion for your hair. Onion can be used to treat the hair loss, dandruff problem. For this either you can make a paste out of onions and apply it as a hair mask or prepare the juice out of the onion and apply it your hair. After few minutes, you can rinse your hair with shampoo. This combats against dandruff and thus makes the hair fall to reduce. It also makes the hair go longer and helps the regrowth of the lost hair. 

Onion juice can even be the best remedy for hair thinning, for maintaining the natural color of the hair when used with mustard oil as well as it also acts as a natural conditioner for hair if made a paste along with fenugreek. Totally to say onion juice and paste does a lot for your hair in all the ways. But, to get the good results you need to use the juice for at least 2 to three times in a month.

There are huge benefits of onions for the skin when it is consumed or applied to the skin. It is rich in vitamin A, C, and E and all these vitamins are beneficial for skin. To know all the skin benefits of the onion see the below step.

For Anti-Aging:

Onion is one of the best home remedies to use it for anti-aging. The vitamins A, C and E present in the onion can protect the skin against the harmful UV radiations as well as fights against the free radicals that are responsible for aging of the skin at the small age. The antioxidant properties can keep your skin free from wrinkles.

For Glowing Skin:

Onion also has the capacity of purifying the blood and makes your skin glow if it is consumed regularly. You can also make a facial mask with this onion juice along with the nutmeg, gram flour, and milk. Apply it to face and after 15 minutes you can remove it with a cotton ball dabbed in milk and by doing massage.

For Acne:

The antibacterial, anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory properties of the onion can do wonders for your skin. The antiseptic property of the onion can be powerful in protecting the skin from the bacteria and infections that are responsible for acne as well as pimples. So, make a paste of olive oil and onion juice and apply it your face.

Even the dark spots, stings, bites and the pigmentation can all be treated with the onions for your skin. The anti-oxidants, as well as the phytonutrients, can remove the impurities present on the skin and make it nourishes. Onion slices and the onion juice can be best remedies for treating these problems on the skin.

Along with these, there are several other skin benefits of onion. So, you can use onion for your skin if you have any of these problems and get benefited.

Not only for the skin as well as hair, it also does a lot for your health and below is the list of its benefits for health. So, go through them. 

To stay away from the infections, onion is one of the essential remedies. The antiseptic, antibacterial, carminative and anti-microbial properties of the onion help to keep you out of the infections.

Onions slices, when put on your forehead, can treat the side effects that are caused due to the fever. Even the fever, cold, allergies, sore throat, and other problems can be cured in minutes when onion juice mixed with honey is taken.

Onion has the capacity to slow down the bleeding from the nose. To get this benefit, the person has to inhale the smell of the onion.

You can also treat insomnia or else the disorders of the sleeping with this onion.

The digestive system can also be improved when the onion is consumed regularly by increasing flow of the digestive system juice.

If you have any insect bites or burn or any other bites, you can apply this onion juice and heal them.

It has the capacity to cure the cancers of colon, neck as well as the head.

Eating onion regularly can increase the insulin levels in the body and thus controls the sugar levels in blood and treats the problem of diabetes.

Consuming daily the onion can burn the bad cholesterol present in the body and protects the good amount of cholesterol present in the body as well as keeps you safe from the coronary diseases.

You can even protect yourself against the Atherosclerosis and Osteoporosis if you eat the onions daily.

It can also cure several other health problems such as inflammation caused by arthritis; tooth problems; body pains; menstrual disorders; eye problems and much more.

These are the abundant benefits of Using Onion for Hair Skin and Health. So, use it for the particular problem that you have in a right manner and solve your problem. Using this regularly will show you quick results. Hope, this information can benefit you in many ways. So, try home remedies with onion and get huge results.


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