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Homemade Sea Salt Spray for Skin And Hair
Feb 04, 2017
Homemade Sea Salt Spray for Skin And Hair

Sea Salt Spray for Skin & Hair

Sea salt, as well as salt waters, are amazing ingredients that are being used in beauty recipes and skin therapies since a long time. Using salt will reduce acne as well as a clears complexion. Most often this salt is used in scrubs. It is also used for hair to give life and moisture to the hair.

So, today we are here to make two recipes using sea salt and that is sea salt sprays to get the skin and hair benefits. To know more information about the sea salt spray recipes read the following information.

Sea Salt Spray for Skin and Its Benefits

Sea salt spray is used for nourishing the skin with two amazing main ingredients and those are sea salt and magnesium. Also, the minerals present in the sea salt nourish your skin well.

There are many other benefits of the sea salt spray apart from nourishing the skin such as, it leaves the skin fresh and light, reduces the acne as well as makes the skin firm and clean, it can be used for toning your face or else for overall skin toning.

To get all these benefits prepare a recipe using the sea salt as described below.

Sea Salt Spray Recipe for Skin:-

To make the sea salt spray all that you need is below-mentioned ingredients. So, bring them and start preparing the recipe.

Ingredients Required:-

1 cup of pre-boiled or distilled water

Magnesium flakes or else a pinch of Epsom salt

A tbsp of sea salt or Himalayan salt

Essential oils such as lavender or mint as your wish for scent

Procedure to Prepare Sea Salt Sprays for Skin

At first, take the warm distilled or pre-boiled water and add magnesium flakes or Epsom salt to it.

Stir the mixture well until the salt gets completely dissolved in the water.

Now, add the essential oils that you have chosen for scent.

Finally, store the recipe in a spray bottle if you want to use it as a spray or else you can also store it in a glass jar if you want to use it as a toner. And with this, your sea salt spray recipe is completed and ready to use.

An important point to be noted here is, in place of distilled water, you can also use an herbal tea if it is made with dried herbs. Teas such as, chamomile or calendula works well for this recipe or if you want a cooling spray mint works well.

How to Use the Sea Salt Skin Spray?

You can apply this sea salt by spraying or else you can also use it as a toner with the help of a cotton pad. It is a great recipe to use it as a daily skin care routine after swimming.

Apart from using this sea salt for making the spray, you can also use it in several other ways such as making the scrubs, as an exfoliator, toner, facial steamer, as a skin healer etc.

Sea Salt Spray Recipe for Hair:-

Not only as a skin spray you can also use sea salt spray for hair to get the benefits out of it, but the ingredients and the procedure will slightly vary. So instead of spending much on buying the product, prepare it yourself at home. To know the procedure in detailed, go through below information.

Ingredients Required

1 tsp of Aloe Vera gel

2 tbsp’s of Epsom salt

One cup of hot water

½ tsp of Sea salt or Himalayan salt

5 drops of essential oils and

½ tsp of hair conditioner

Optional Ingredients

1 tsp of lemon juice

1 tsp of alcohol or vodka for light colored hair

In place of hot water, you can take 1 cup of chamomile tea to lighten the hair color or for dark shade use 1 cup of black tea. Whatever the tea it is, make sure that you refrigerate the tea before you heat it.

Procedure to Prepare Sea Salt Spray for Hair

Take a cup of hot water or else the tea that you have chosen.

Now add the ingredients, Epsom salt, sea salt, aloe vera gel, essential oil and if needed add conditioner, lemon juice and alcohol or vodka too.

Stir the mixture well for about 5 minutes and make sure that the salts are completely dissolved in water.

Pour the mixture into a spray bottle.

If you have used lemon juice or a tea, you need to refrigerate the mixture.

Now, your sea salt hair spray is ready to use. You can store this spray for around 3 months.

How to Use the Sea Salt Hair Spray?

Now as your sea salt hair spray is ready to use, use it in the following way.

For Wavy Hair

If you would like to have a wavy hairstyle, start by shampooing the hair. Later, once your hair is damp spray the sea salt hair spray mix on the hair evenly covering tips as well as ends and for good looking waves, crumple the hair using a towel as you go on spraying the mix.

For Dry Hair

People with dry hair that is lifeless and lacks texture, spray the mix on the hair evenly and crumple it using your fingertips. Now, allow the hair to dry for some time and then use conditioner on the spray to add moisture to your hair.

This homemade sea salt hair recipe works well as expensive sprays available in the market.

Bottom line: 

This is how you can pray two different spray recipes using sea salt both for the skin as well as hair to give them life. Now, as you are aware of the recipes start preparing them and grab those amazing benefits for your skin and hair.


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