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Creative Dress from the Dead Sea – Sigalit Landau
Aug 28, 2016
Creative Dress from the Dead Sea – Sigalit Landau

Awesome Creative Masterpiece from the Dead Sea

Sigalit Landau is a lady from Jerusalem Israel in 1969, she is bi-lingual and presented with multi-cultural, on the hill over- looking the Judean Dessert.  She was from Rubin Academy High School and was graduated from Bezalel Academy for art and design; she joined the army and left for it. She is more fond of Haunted spaces and she also been creative in participating the street shows of creative and artistic work.

Let’s talk about the creative work on the later side of the new invention which left people in Trans and a complete shock to prepare an awesome masterpiece of dress which is soaked in the Dead Sea for almost 2 months.

The dress which is just a replica of the Yiddish play worn by character Leah, look like a traditional Hasidic garment, this is a dream of creativity and masterpiece from the Dead Sea. “The Dybbuk” is a story of young bride's possession by an evil spirit written between 1913 and 1916.

Sigalit Landau has been searching the surfaces of the Dead sea over 2 decades and she finally tried the version of Salt crystal dress.

She has a collection of masterpieces in the salt crystallization process of series which look like wow always.

I believe this can give some more ideas to the people who want to think more creative on designing masterpieces, which may leave you to become more famous round the globe.


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