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Look Thin And Tall-Best Dressing Ideas
Aug 11, 2016
Look Thin And Tall-Best Dressing Ideas

Women generally love to be thin.  There is nothing to blame about it.  They do everything possible to be thin and fit. They sit in some serious yoga sessions, hit the gym, prepare and follow huge diet charts. Even after doing all these things few lasses fail to look thin and fit.  This is not because of their wrong fitness regimens or wrong diets; this could be their outfits.

Look Thin And Tall- Best Dressing Ideas

Yes!!!  You heard it right.  The outfit women wear speaks a lot. The outfit plays a major role in creating an impression of the person being thin or fat.  There are many peers who have no idea of what exactly suits them.  That is the reason why even though they are beauties, they are not able to compete with the world of beauties.

The outfits we wear can bring a great difference to our looks. Few attires will leave you to look fatty whereas few attires will give you thinner look.  Few types of attires make you appear short while few types of attires make you look taller than you are. 

A little knowledge about choosing the right attire may go a long way.  So here we covered few simple knowledge giving concepts about attires that finalize your look.

Go for some western outfits

There are varieties of outfits that fall into different categories.  The top two categories are traditional wear and western wear. It is a matter of fact that western wear is simple, very little fabric is used, they are fit, and they are light weight most of the times, but this is not the case with traditional and ethnic wear, especially ethnic wear.

Most of the ethnic and traditional wear outfits are designed heavily.  So, if you want to look thin then make sure not to go for traditional wear.  If you are going for western wear make sure to choose top first.  Try few tops on yourself and know in which one you look slim and tall.  Choose V-neck tops mostly.  Go for jeans with that top, which looks picture perfectly okay on you and you will look slim as well as tall.

Whenever you choose to wear V-neck tops, make sure to go for undergarments that are deep so that they won’t be revealed to the people around you from the top you are wearing.

Go for longer sleeve attires

Long sleeves or semi-long sleeves absolutely go well with flabby lasses.  The sleeves of the outfit play a major role in making up your looks.  Even the sleeves will decide whether you look slim and tall or fat and short.  So if you are a little flabby then make sure to choose long or semi-long sleeves, which will make you appear slim and tall.

Tips to cover your belly

Tummy tucker

A heavy tummy plays the role of antagonist in our life.  There is a great need to get rid of it.  As it cannot be done instantly, you can take the help of tummy tuckers.  A big tummy makes you appear short and fatty.  So in order to cover your big tummy you can use tummy tucker. 

There are wonderful quality tummy tuckers available in the market.  You can use the perfect tummy tucker that you are comfortable in to give out a good shape.  You can use this tummy shaper when you are choosing to wear a tight western wear so as to cover your tummy and to look slim.

Feminine jackets

Jackets are like stylish statements for most of the peers.  They appear very trendy wearing them.  Short length jackets are best among them.  Women who want to look slim and taller can go for short length jackets.  This is the best way to hide your tummy too. 

The jackets are very eye catchy so that people can’t move their eye further from your jacket onto your tummy.  Go for jackets that fit your body perfectly at your shoulders and bust.  Don’t go for lengthy jackets, they look awful on you and give you fatter look.

Tips to cover your thighs and hips

As you are done with your tummy portion, it is the time to work on thighs and hips.

Go for skirts

There are many models of skirts, few are casual wear and few are formal wear.  If you are wearing a formal dress for a formal meeting then make sure to pay attention to the skirt you are going to choose.  Choose the style of skirt that is decent at the same time attractive too.  Go for skirts that are designed in trumpet, straight cut and pencil skirt styles.

Go for a trouser

In most of the official meetings, women prefer to wear formal trousers on skirts.  If you like to go for trousers on skirts then make certain to choose trousers that are wider in dimensions and are in straight-cut designs.  Don’t go for loose jeans with heavy pockets, buckles etc.

Go for short outfits

Go for short outfits like miniskirts that are above knee length.  This way you can look taller than you are by revealing your legs.

Go for outfits that suit your skin type and also go well on you.  Don’t choose skin tights as they will make you appear flabby.  Go for boot cut jeans instead.  You can also go for long skirts to give a taller look. 

Don’t go for muffin tops and don’t go for attires that have contrast stitches when you are wearing a jean.  Don’t go for heavy designer attires unless needed.


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