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Boost Yourself To Workout In Summer
Jul 26, 2016
Boost Yourself To Workout In Summer

Summer is the most uncomfortable and unbearable seasons where the survival in the exposure of sun becomes challenging to everyone and so don’t let the hot temperature spoil your fitness routine.

Approach in a right way with trying some fun as we know summer is drowsy but it steps forward for shedding fats out.

There are many experiences while losing weight in summer, so the very best way to stay fit in summer is by staying hydrated and by maintaining electrolyte and salt levels of the body. We lose water in the form of salts and electrolyte which means sweat so it is very important to stay hydrated.

Workout in summer is very risky so we should be very conscious enough to let ourselves respond for the action we are going to take against our body fats, along with exercising habits we should also modify our dietary patterns to smooth sail during fitness without any health issues.

So some of the summer motivational tips to rejuvenate your body to stay cool and healthy in the hot darn climate are:

1. Adjust your body temperature:

•    Start your schedule by taking a cold shower before your workout sessions because as per the study it has been found that taking bath leads to cooling down of heat from the body.

•   You can also adapt an ice pack for cooling your body by rubbing it towards the neck or head.

2. Try to get the dirt:

•    Start running or cycling in the dirt or gravel paths because it makes you release a lot of heat by liberating sweat from your body. And choose outdoor places for adapting this exercise because you can gain cool breeze after completion of your session.

3. Cool down with essential oils:

•    Take few drops of peppermint oil or eucalyptus oil and apply it to the back of your neck, and around the temples to enjoy the cooling effect of it before you start your workout because it will open up your nasal passages and make you breathe easier when surrounding turns out to be humid.

•    In fact, in research, it has been found that when athlete’s sniffed peppermint before there running it made them run faster because it has that greater grip of strength and it also helps to push ups very easily.

4. Cardio:

•    Keep your fitness level up by doing regular cardio like swimming, cycling, biking, running, walking at a slower speed and increase the speed in every 30 seconds will lead to burst and burn all the calories without going out every time.

5. Yoga:

•    Concentrate on flexibility by adapting the yoga moves to the proportion of body heat accordingly.

•    Stand and try to touch the ground by making the moves of bending which would make you stretch.

6. Refuel with fruit:

•    There are some fruits which contain 80 percent of water such as watermelon, grapes, and honeydew which are very tasty and refill fluids and boost your body’s energy post workout and this is called to be the best fruits list in the summer months as per study from the food nutrition university.

•    Apart from fruits, there are other options like yogurt with fruit chunks, mixed carbs, which are easily digestible during summer, and to find out that you have lost out sweat from your body. For that, you need to pick the following options which we mentioned above or you can also go for v8 sports drink by replacing the sodium drink.

So these are the research options which can be adaptable according to your body’s capability. Adapting only physical cure is definitely not a solution for any internal dietary issue where modifications are required as per your body type, so dietary modifications are very much important and some of the steps are like:

• Having loads of citrus fruits with maximum water content in it

• Including Fresh cool salads to your meals

• Adding Coconut water and buttermilk in your diet

• Avoiding fried items to a certain period of workout days especially when you are working out in the hot summer months.

Now you may be thinking adapting so many exercises were not enough to lose body weight? But the answer is working out patterns are good but the month in which we are working is the most important factor because this is summer and in this season taking breath itself feels so tough and when we think about our digestive system then we will be amazed by how could it bear so much of heat from both body and surroundings.

So there where it gets mislead to not function properly so by the intake of proper water content food will make you feel happy from both in and out. So avoiding all the oil and heat stuff during summer will help you to master in your workout sessions.

Bottom line:

Always think twice when it comes to the body not only by physical workouts but also by the sense of your clothing adopting nice fabrics. Clothing will make your body react the way you want so every part of the human body is important.

So this summer avoids tantrums and treats your body with care because at the end it is your property which you should be able enough to gain the best fitness and health in this summer.

And enjoy the summer with a big smile on your face.


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