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How Things Damage Your Body
Jul 18, 2016
How Things Damage Your Body

Things That Damage Your Body

A women’s life is never an easy job. All in all time for her health and fun is lost somewhere in the process of taking care of the complete family. It is necessary to know that women’s body is very delicate and even many day-to-day activities can do damage to health.

There are many misconceptions going on around about daily exercises or the way fun is defined. Along with that, the way of working. Even before you know it’s bad and try not to do it, you might feel sick or pain or feel suddenly awful.

Here’s list of day to day things that we do in the wrong manner. With technology changing every day, apart from working in offices on systems, we most often surf through various websites like social networks for fun or health or recipes or to book movie tickets, or airways or trains, whatever it might be, we spend hours together in front of a computer without our knowledge.

That’s the one thing most of can’t avoid. Staring at the computer screen for longer periods can damage eye vision and can cause severe headaches. Some computers have high radiation effect that it can cause neurological damage also. Even there’s a high risk of obesity because of sitting before the computer for hours together.

What to do then?

Here’s a tip: For every half an hour try to look or walk away from the computer. Stretch for a little time and close your eyes few seconds to give it a rest. This will make eyes relaxed.

Secondly, along with technology, our lifestyle is changing. We do not have much time to grab a bite, leave enjoying the time. We are always busy that we forget how small things can damage our looks even. 

Have you ever wondered that using a hair dryer can do an untold damage to your hair? We want everything quick, fast foods, quick shower and even quicker dry hair. But heat from hair dryer or hair ironings causes the hydrogen bonds in hair to weaken which can cause hair to fall out.

Tip: Try natural ways of drying out your hair or wash it after your work. And wash your hair twice or thrice a week. Try and avoid shampoos with harsh chemicals. 

Though it sounds unusual, some people have a habit of biting a pencil or pen while working or while jotting down. This is a very bad habit that can cause your dental structure to fall out of shape. It can shift the teeth position out of the way and can make the whole facial look mishap.

Are you a fitness freak? Then this might be just for you. Jogging is good for health but not for women. The bone health in women starts deteriorating at the early thirties. Jogging might just make it even worse and can cause an early onset of arthritis, especially in knees where most of the damage is seen.    

Tip: Brisk walk can do the same trick but avoid treadmills. Instead, go for fresh air and walking in the open relaxes muscles and mind.

I love watching movies with popcorn. Of course, who doesn’t? But it can damage the teeth by getting stuck between causing infections. Also biting the popcorn kernels can crack teeth if they are not strong enough. 

Oh, I also love eating lemons. Is it bad? Yes, it is. The acidic nature of lemons erodes the enamel on teeth, making them brittle. The enamel is essential for healthy teeth. 

Tip:  avoid popcorn and biting of lemons directly.

Are you working? Would you just sit there for hours together? Do you know that sitting for hours at the same place increases the risk of having a heart attack more? Sitting idle at a place or at work for more than 6 hours increases obesity and thus by increasing the risk of heart attacks more.

After a day of hard work, music would soothe me, yes music is a healer if it is heard well within the limits. But even then plugging your ears should be done immediately or else you might risk your hearing forever! 

While going to bed, many of people do not have a habit of removing their socks. This can cause serious fungal infections as sufficient air wouldn’t be circulating also it not only damages skin cells but also damage brain cells in a manner. Other things you might also want to know that damage your body in a way.

Being awake for a long time in the night is a bad. It makes one not only insomniac but also damages brain. Sleeping sufficiently for good 6-8 hours makes brain work wonderfully and also refreshes mind and body. Even for a sneeze, one must stop taking antibiotic. This lead to the growth of drug-resistant bacteria inside our body and kills good bacteria already present inside which help to fight against the yeast or other bacterial infections.

Walking is good for health but not for women. The bone health in women starts deteriorating at the early thirties. Jogging might just make it even worse and can cause an early onset of arthritis, especially in the knees where most of the damage is seen.

Are you fashionistas? Heels which are part of daily wear can cause severe damage to the spinal cord and causes deformities like bunions and hammertoes.


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