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Exercise for Computer Users
Jul 23, 2016
Exercise for Computer Users

In today's competitive and fast moving world it’s very important to use and work on technology devices which the science and technology advancement has given us, among the various gadgets available to use COMPUTER come in first place as far as the use is a concern for long hours and for various complicated and simple works.

From past few years, many people who are working with computer for long hours of duration are suffering from various kinds of pains and internal disturbances. It’s always good to maintain a balanced approach to work and health life.

The technology has brought both Good and bad with it. As a human being, we should take good and leave the bad aside. There are many ways where we can convert the bad of computer usage into Good by applying simple exercises whenever and where ever we are irrespective of our age, time and gender.

First:– Exercise For Fingers And Hands

The physical effort and pain will be more for fingers and wrists of hands since these are the front runners when the application part of physical works comes into the picture. The fingers of the both the hand have worked very fast and tirelessly when the work demands more in personal use or for office use.

It is advised by physical training experts that, when you work for long hours and when you feel pain, then stop the work and do the following steps and moments for relaxation and for the balancing.

(a) it's suggested that don’t work for more hours, if needed then take regular breaks between the long working hours and keep your wrist in parallel to the table or keyboard line of the plane.

(b) For a little duration do free moments of the fingers and wrist in the same direction of work and in opposite direction for few minutes. Never work continuously till you feel the pain to stop. Anything excess is always bad.

Do free moments and turns of the fingers for relaxation.

Second Exercise:– Head & Neck Exercise

For the body which sits and works for longer hours on desktop or laptop after fingers exercise next important exercise to follow is HEAD exercise. Because the faster moments goes with eyes and head with its own dead weight created a lot of pain on the idle positioned nerves.

So it’s important to stretch the exercises for Head portion also. During the breaks and middle of the work the expert physicians and therapists suggest doing following moments for relaxation and balance positions.

(a) if you observe that you haven’t taken any break and working continuously for more than twenty to thirty minutes then it’s better to stop the work for a while and slowly raise your head from the position of keyboard level, while doing so, you recognize the difference and will feel the benefit of doing these exercise moments. Do this up and down moments of the head gently for five to ten times.

(b) After this up and down moment than from straight level of the head position, turn the head towards your right and turn it towards your left at shoulder levels. This stretching exercise will help you to gain back the normality and makes the blood flow normal and in turn the pain is relieved and you will get relaxed.

The moment of head and neck also can be brought neck to normal by moving away from the present place and walk a while in the place available there for five minutes while moving head direction and neck positions to different levels and sides smoothly and gently.

Third Exercise:– Back Exercise

This is a very important part of the body which gets a severe effect when it comes to anyone who is sitting for long hours at the same place.

When you sit for long hours and you feel that you have not moved from the place for more than twenty minutes then it’s the time for you to get up from your place and do a small bend of the body towards to your right and towards to your left for five to ten times and then put your body down at front and back for five to ten times.

These moments will give a lot of stretch and relaxation to the back part of your body, which is nothing but the backbone of the entire body, which is responsible for all the body moments.

Last Exercise:– Foot Moments

In the human body, the entire weight of the body comes down to the feet. And if you sit and work for continue longer durations then the portion of the foot will get tired. By sitting in the same position you can move the foot to up and down and you can rotate the foot from right to left and left to right for five to ten times.

This will give a lot of relief and comfort to the foot. It is also advised that to walk and use the staircases if they are available at your sitting place for a few minute use for a hectic and long hour work.

Too long sitting work will also lead to leg cramps, so be careful before you go into that mode.


Never work for too long hours in the same position of sitting.

Use a comfortable chair with suitable height if chair and table.

Don’t stare for a longer time at the keyboard and screen.

Use an eye-friendly screen with minimal light intensity.

Keep you back straight and sit in compose posture.

Don’t sit in one posture for a longer duration, if needed have a timer to keep a control of the work time and sitting time. Keep reminders in your mobile gadget for a smaller break.

Do frequent hand moments from sitting position only towards up and down.

Give stretching moments to the entire body as much as possible.

Keep fresh water nearby, so that you can take a small amount of quantity of water whenever needed or when you complete the physical moments.

Have a walk with your family member or office staff for five to minutes of duration and then come back to work.

Use hand stretching tools if they are available.

Always sit in comfortable clothing and have a comfortable dressing. Always use the footwear which makes to more comfortable, flexible and which make and keeps you cool.


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