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How To Work Out With Dumbbells at Home
Jul 23, 2016
How To Work Out With Dumbbells at Home

Work Out With Dumbbells at Home

Workouts or exercises are really important nowadays due to a steep rise in consumption of junk food, time scarcity and one in two corporate life, it becomes hard for anyone to preserve a healthy diet. No wonder! Money to health, the gyms and health clubs are there but still the time is proving to be a villain.

I believe that all of us want to healthy and fit, then my suggestion on this would be at least have the minimum courtesy on your body to take till the gym. If you have time at home then it is easy for you to workout at home without any troublesome pressure in rushing to gym on time.

Might be we always overlook the environmental conditions as we have the perception of being lazy always and do not bother about being healthy and fit always.

It was once a natural process burning the fact to make a living, at the time when machines were only on dreams. Home workouts are effective only if you know the science behind exercise, else it’s simply like boiling water to vapor it out. To exploit the potential with dumbbells one must know how to use them properly.

Dumbbells gained popularity mainly because of the following reason:

• Easy storage and carriage

• Multitude of application

• Broad spectrum of application on various exercises and body parts

• Easy to load up weights

• Cheap cost and no or least moving parts

Dumbbell workout at home needs two main things, one is a pair of dumbbell and the other one is a proper workout plan. When you speak of a plan there must be a well-optimized strategy of workouts, diet and fixed time to carry out dumbbell exercises.

There are a lot of things to be fixed before starting a workout like giving a warm for the body, prepping the body to burn fat and maintain shape etc. The exercising plans also include the moves and exercises that are to be done each day, the plans varies as per the requirement as in the different exercises are for a different part or requirement Which is why each person needs a personalized workout scenario in order to exploit the maximum benefit.

There are many exercises performed with dumbbells some of the main exercises are:


The bench press, though it sounds very masculine it’s a unisex workout to shape the chest, wings, and hands. Hold the dumbbells horizontally in both the hands to the next to the chest, now the movement of dumbbells is lifting it up and bringing it down slowly. The bench is inclined and declined and the same movement is carried out. This is good for chest, abs, and shoulders and back muscles.


Sit-ups holding dumbbells, stand straight hold the dumbbells vertically in your hands keep the appropriate distance between your legs, now do the squats simply sit and get up. This exercise is really helpful in shaping your thighs, strengthens your legs and abdominal muscles.


Dumbbell front raises starting by holding them straight in your hands close to both thigh, then the dumbbell should be raised slowly to the eye level and go back, this exercise is for shaping your triceps muscles.


For shaping your hand muscles stand straight and hold the dumbbells vertically in your both hands, now while raising the dumbbells by bending your elbow and bring it to your shoulder repeat the movement slowly and comfortably.


For forearms building and strengthening your hands, sit straight on a bench hold the dumbbells vertically in your hands; keep your forearms settled on your thighs and now do the movements just lift your wrist up and down. This movement is very effective and strengthens your hands and forearms.

Always choose a pair of dumbbells that you feel is most suitable for your present power and strength. Choose random weights starting from the least and try holding the dumbbell with a hand stretched out, if you manage to hold it steady for about 5 seconds then you can use that dumbbell else use the last weight which you managed to hold on.

These were some of the major exercises that can be easily done at home with a set of dumbbells. There are some precautions as well which are do need to follow strictly while exercising they are:

• Proper rest is necessary for the muscles after every workout schedule.

• Proper diet.

• Making the sets and repetitions as per the capability of the body.

• Over exercising should not be done.

• The physician should be consulted before starting the practice if there is any past case of a muscular problem.

Bottom Line :
Dragging yourself to workout gives you healthy and perfect physic so be fit and hit always. 


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