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Meditation To Open Your Heart Chakra
Jul 23, 2016
Meditation To Open Your Heart Chakra

Meditation to Open Your Heart Chakra

“Meditation”. Let us start with an inspiring quote on meditation. “Meditate. Let the light of the heart engulf you”. Meditation, from the centuries, is considered as a divine thing that helps us meet our soul-self with at most peace.

There is a misconception that meditation is spiritually related, but it is absolute won’t fall into the category of spirituality. Meditation is all about keeping your heart and soul at a peaceful state where the thoughts are stopped from entering into the mind with the no-entry board called meditation.

As per the science, it is proved that there are seven chakras in the human body. Each chakra has its own purpose of existence in the human body. Out of seven chakras, few of them are overactive, few of them are active, and few other are inactive. These chakras are like remote controls that control all our emotions, feelings, actions, etc. Each chakra has its own place of residing.

The seven chakras are as follows.

Root chakra- This chakra indicates the survival.

Sacral chakra- This chakra indicates pleasure.

Solar plexus chakra- This chakra indicates will power.

Heart chakra- This chakra indicates love and spirituality.

Throat chakra- This chakra indicates psychic hearing.

Third eye chakra- This chakra indicates intuition.

Crown chakra- This chakra indicates enlightenment.

These are the seven chakras and their purpose of existences. Now, coming to the heart chakra, which is our main concept here, is all about love, compassion, spirituality, devotion, etc. Before getting to know whereabouts heart chakra, let us first know the pros and cons of it.

Different people behave in different ways. The way they behave with others is totally a subject of their thoughts.

We can judge a person depending on his actions, his preferences, and his behavior with his co-people. Few people mingle up with new faces within no time. Few people take years for introduction itself.

Few people can express and impress people around them with their beautiful feelings of love. Whereas, few people lack in doing so. But there is nothing to blame oneself for being that way.

Because it is the game of the heart chakra that resides in our heart. Yes! You heard it right. The heart chakra plays the vital role in changing our moods from active to hyperactive and active to moody. It all depends on proper functioning of our heart chakra.

As I told earlier, heart chakra is all about love, caring, compassion, etc. The improper functioning of heart chakra will directly affect our outer feelings and actions.

Unknowingly, most of the people suffer a lot due to the improper functioning of the heart chakra. Its inactivity will directly influence our actions. If you are one among them who got a fit with the heart chakra, then get ready to set it with the meditation that I am going to share with you.

If you are a person who used to be active and friendly, but suddenly is being inactive and unfriendly with the people around you, then the culprit is definitely the heart chakra.

So, in order to get back to your normal state, all you need to do is just perform simple meditation to open that heart chakra to let that function properly. So, let us see how to do the meditation to open the heart chakra that resides in our heart.

As we all know, love is interlinked with the heart and vice versa. In order to win out the world with your love, you need to first win out your heart chakra.

So, in order to do so, our ancestors have introduced us to a meditation, which will release our heart into the world of peace where only love and compassion plays the roles of protagonists leaving no space for the anti-protagonists like anger and hatred. So, there you go.


Choose a peaceful place and sit comfortably either on the floor or on the bed.

If you are a music lover, then set beautiful music in the background.

Now, sit down with your legs crossed. Just like you sit when you are in lotus pose.

Keep your back i.e. Spine stiff and erect.

Take a good breath and bring your index finger and thumb finger in touch. Do the same with both hands.

Don’t pressure your shoulders. Just relax your entire body and bring left-hand front and place that on your left knee.

Now, place your right hand right below your breastbone.

Hold onto that position for few minutes.

Chant “YAM” while keeping all your concentration on your heart and heart chakra. Don’t let any other thoughts enter your mind.

You no need to chant it louder, just chant it in with full attention.

Now take a deep breath. Let your heart get filled with pure oxygen.

Now breathe out. Let your heart release all the impure carbon dioxide from depth.

Repeat this breath in and breath out the process without losing your concentration on your chants. Don’t let your hands and back bend. Sit stiff.

Do this for 10 minutes. Slowly increase the amount of time day by day.

I won’t say that in your first attempt itself you will succeed in opening your heart chakra. It may take few more trials to let your heart chakra open, but make sure you don’t give up on doing it at your best every time you do it.

One has to know that as meditation requires the attention of one’s mind, make sure you choose a place where you are not at all disturbed by people around you. And one more thing is that our surroundings play a vital role in making up our feelings. So, choose to stay in a healthy environment that encourages you to participate in positive activities.

Don’t let your heart suffer because of your unhealthy thoughts. Let it open up into this world to love and to be loved. So, this is the simplest way to open your heart chakra. Do give it a try to see how your heart chakra works and how you can improve its working.


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