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Tips for Exercising With Rheumatoid Arthritis
Jul 23, 2016
Tips for Exercising With Rheumatoid Arthritis

Exercising With Rheumatoid Arthritis 

Rheumatoid arthritis is a big and serious issue for those who are suffering from this chronic progressive disease.  In this type of arthritis, the inflammation in the joints causes severe pain, deformity, and mobility which especially in the joints of fingers, wrists, ankle, and feet.

All and sundry who are suffering from this pain are at sea about the exercises that are to be performed in this disease. Many have a misconception that exercising in the course of this disease may increase the severity of the disease but this concept is totally wrong.

Actually, exercising is helpful in many ways for the patients of this chronic disease that are explained under:

1. Exercises help in achieving and maintaining the health that will assist in the proper functioning of the physical structure.

2. The strength of the muscles in increased that assists in fighting with the pain caused by the disease.

3. The stability of the joints is improved that is starts declining in the course of the disease.

4. The severe pain can be reduced, which is very painful to handle can be treated with exercises.

5. The quality of life is improved with exercises as it reduces the effects of the symptoms such as fatigue and weakness.

6. It also assists in improving the bone and joint health of a person.

7. Generally a person suffering from disease are also mentally disturbed, exercising helps in reducing this mental disturbance by improving the mood and delivering proper sleep.

The exercises that should be opted in this painful disease are mainly associated with strengthening and stretching of muscles, endurance building and balance and coordination because these exercises are very helpful in reducing the symptoms of the disease which cures and reduces the effect of the problem.

The different varieties of exercises that should be employed in the problem of this type of arthritis are:

• Walking:

Walking is very beneficial in strengthening the muscles and aerobic activity which is easy to perform. It is recommended that walking for about 30 minutes is very helpful in getting rid of the pain.

• Chair Stands:

Chair stand is very simple to perform and it strengthens the leg muscles and joints. One just has to sit down and stand up on a normal sized chairs, repeating the procedure 10-15 times.

• Yoga:

Exercises of yoga has been delivering a Yeoman's service for years and is a solution of numerous heath issue. In the same manner, yoga helps in attaining mental stability, reducing joint inflammation, improving balance and coordination.

• Pilates:

Pilates is helpful in strengthening the muscles that act as a support to the joints. The technique of performing is, one has to lay on back, fold the knees and exhale by contracting the body. Inhale and hold the position, then exhale to lower the pelvis and repeat the exercise.

• Swimming:

The buoyancy of the water helps in decreasing the pressure on the joints of the person suffering from this chronic disease. It is recommended to swim in a pool to get relief from the pain caused by the disease as it is a perfect water workout.

• Tai chi:

The slow and smooth movements of tai chi are very helpful in reducing pain, strengthening muscles and improves stability and hence, it is one of the best exercises for fighting with arthritis.

• Weight lifting:

Not a very large amount of weight, but weight according to your capacity should be lifted if you are suffering from arthritis. Weight lifting strengthens the muscles of arms, chest, shoulder and back.

• Cycling:

The regular cycling of about 30 minutes improves the muscle strength and relieves the joint pain causing due to the disease.

• Stretching the hand:

The joints of hands and fingers are severely affected with the pain of the disease and stretching the hand is very helpful in reducing this negative effect.

Bottom Line:
There are many other exercises which are very helpful in the pain of arthritis. The medication for the disease is important, but exercises work as an icing on the cake, which cures the disease at a short notice.


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