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14 World’s Best Eyelash Curlers
Feb 07, 2017
14 World’s Best Eyelash Curlers

Finding out the best eyelash curlers is a formidable task in these days. It’s true, there lot many options, but it can be tough to say which eyelash curler will offer you the pretty and perky lashes without hurting or breaking them.

That is why we crooked to our reviewers, who be acquainted with word’s best eyelash curlers. These famous eyelash curlers are the best ones that can make a perfect shape.

The world’s best fashioners stated that these are the best at lift curling eyelashes that make your eyes look broader, brighter and even more awake. Additionally, these curlers are easy to use and simple to carry.

Not every eyelash curler is designed of same, but there is also no need of spending a fortune on these curlers if you are on an ideal budget and you need to identify which cheaper brands really work. This is where we can aid you.

1. Shu Uemura Eyelash Curler

It’s a make-up artiste's essential, Shu Uemura Eyelash Curler, a multi-award-winner, rubber padded, deep curved can grasp even the smallest and shortest eyelashes.

So striking is the results, you can avoid mascara if you don’t want to have. Ideal for morning use when you are having no time to apply eye makeup.

2. SUQQ Eyelash Curler

The flat and smooth rubber pad on these eyelash curlers can get you the right in at the lash line, twisting at the root will offer immense lift as well as deep curl. Heavy and expensive in look and the price also comprises two additional pads to make sure they last for a good amount of time.

3. Bobbi Brown Eyelash Curler

Bobbi Brown Eyelash Curler a brand new, glossy grey, sleek curler is having extra cushiony lash pads and there are two standbys in the box to seizure all those small and shorter lashes that frequently escape. The easier curve outfits almond-shaped and bigger eyes and offers a crease-free histrionic curl.

4. Champneys Eyelash Curlers

This award-winning, Champneys lash-lengthening curler creates a truly beautiful look to your eyes with widened look. So amazing, you can just curl your lashes and simply go away, no need of having mascara. And the matte black holds to give a certainly a good grip.

5. Shiseido Eyelash Curler

You can purchase few rubber replacements for these Shiseido curlers, so in a model, they should last for more amount of time. A good curve and smooth rubber pad guarantee you to get an actually good lift on these Japanese traditional curlers, without a bend in sight.

6. Laura Mercier Eyelash Curler

Intensely portable and these compact curlers are high space effective for travelling when compared to other eyelash curlers on the market and they do an intense lift and curl on even the teensy small lashes.

7. M&S Face Care Eyelash Curlers

M&S Face Care Eyelash will cost less when compared to all other eyelash curlers and these curlers can hold their own features against the high-cost lash curlers and provide exceptional results.

Lightweight and simple to use, they are faultless for travelling or putting in your makeup bag when you are out. These curlers will come with 2 lash pad substitutes.

8. RMK Eyelash Curler

A broader curve on this couple of eyelash curlers guarantees you can snatch all the eyelashes in the single hit, each time. The perfect curl produced by these also appeared to stay longer than some of the other curlers, and there is a replacement pad in the box.

9. Revlon Diamond Eyelash Curler

Add few razzle-dazzles to your make-up basket with this Revlon Diamond Eyelash Curler that can fit closely to the lash line for supreme impact and bold upswept strokes. These curlers will be available in the market at affordable prices.

10. Model’s Own Eyelash Curler

Having a great look with hot pink handles and a reasonable price point, these curlers are good to start for beginners and these lash curlers are with larger handles that can be held steadily in your hand.

11. Tweezerman Classic Lash Curler

The specialized grade, stainless steel equipment comes with a lifespan guarantee with the order. It is faultless for use at the household or at a salon. The modest press down and closure appliance makes using these tweezers tremendously easy, and aids you rapidly curl your lashes with the easy grasp close.

12. Lovely Lashes

The all-purpose lash curling system works with short, moderate, and longer eyelashes. No tweaks or tags either, and the curler comes with a lifespan guarantee when you buy it, so you know you are getting a well-made eyelash curler. With simple and easy grip closure design, anybody can attain the flawless shape every time.

13. Niceeshop

The inventive design has an additional curved design shape, which approaches naturally so it will be suitable flawlessly over any eyelash length or shape you are operational with. The contoured design also makes your work easy with curved or smaller lashes and no tweak system aids prevent damages.

14. Live Wire

Proficient grade curler will not pull your eyelashes, so you can work simply around fitted edges or with smaller lashes you desire to curl. And the hyperplastic silicone wads will not wear down more time.


Eyelash curlers can accentuate the eyes, brings out the natural colors, turns short, dull, and bland lashes into somewhat which really stand out and highlights on your face.

If you want to curl your lashes for a night out, or just want to try out a fresh look, these curlers will offer you the distinctive appearance which you are attending for, and will aid to bring out the opulent, denser finish, which everybody wants around their eyes.


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