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5 Types of Eye Makeup Products
Feb 06, 2017
5 Types of Eye Makeup Products

1. 4 Piece Eye Makeup Kit, Mascara, Eyeliner, Eyeshadow, Eyelash Brush

About the Product

1. Suitable for both starters and makeup artists

2. Hypoallergenic, paraben free, gluten free, fragrance-free, dermatologist approved

3. Good Deal - Save Money

4. Kit includes: mascara, eyeliner, eyeshadow, eyelash makeup brush

2. Banggood Women clear Double Eyelid False Eyelashes Glue

About the Product

1. Brand New; High quality.

2. Function: Waterproof anti-sweat paste false eyelashes.

3. Suitable skin: any skin.

4. Hypoallergenic Super Sticky waterproof anti-sweat with transparent false eyelashes eyelid invisible glue wholesale.

3. Eyeshadow&Nail Glitter

About the Product

1. Fine Loose Powder Glitter and can be used for face, body, nail art or craft.

2. Perfect for Professional or Personal use

3. Color: Random Color

4. Size:App 2.5*1.5cm(D*H)

5. Weight:App 190g/30pcs

4. Hot!Eyeliner Pen, Canserin Black Liquid Eye Liner Pencil Make Up Tool

About the Product

1. Gender: Women's, girls

2. Eyeliner Color: Black

3. Size: About 12 x 0.9 cm

4. Expiration Date: 3 Years

5. Weight: About 6 g

5. Canserin 2 PCS Mini Eyeliner Gel Cream With Brush Makeup Cosmetic Black Life Waterproof Eye Liner

About the Product

1. Package Content: 2 PCS Mini Eyeliner Gel Cream With Brush Makeup Cosmetic Black Waterproof Eye Liner


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