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Apply Kajal Perfectly to Your Eyes
Feb 06, 2017
Apply Kajal Perfectly to Your Eyes

Kajal For Beautiful Eyes

Kajal is a makeup ingredient that beautifies the women’s eyes instantly and lightens up the entire face and it is the best friend of women. Not only as a cosmetic product, kajal has some medicinal properties that prevent eye ailments.

There are also religious reasons to use this mascara. Most of the Indians use it in their daily makeup and it goes well with traditional wear. So, apply it to your eyes in a stepwise manner defined below to bring brightness to your eyes. To know more read the below information.

Instructions before You Apply Kajal:-

Before you apply kajal, make sure that your eyes are free from dark circles because the hue of these dark circles will make the eyes look darker in more area. This makes your skin tone more dull and dark.

Bring a good quality kajal from the wide variety of products available in the market.

Choose either, kajal pencil or powder or liquid kajal as you want and seek its beauty as well as medicinal benefits out of it.

Steps to Apply Kajal:-

To apply kajal to your face, we have few basic steps listed out here. So, see them and apply a perfect blend of kajal to your beautiful eyes.

Step 1:-

At first, clean the eye area along with eyelashes with water and mild cleanser. People having drink skin should moisturize the eye area well and the dab some looser powder over the area to prevent oiliness.

Step 2:-

Now, slowly pull the lower eyelid down so that, the waterline or inner lid line is exposed to start applying kajal.

Step 3:-
Now, take a kajal pencil which is not sharp or kajal gel to apply it to your eyelids. Start lining the kajal from outer corners of the eye working to the inwards. If you are using a kajal pencil, don’t press the pencil on your waterline as it may hurt you though they are soft are creamy.

Step 4:-

Make sure that you have a steady hand while applying the kajal otherwise, it may come out ugly. If you don’t have so, wash your hands and take the kajal on your fingertips.

Now, drag the kajal gently over the waterline of your lower eyelid. Washing hands properly are essential to prevent the possible infections.

Step 5:-

If in case if your eyes are too watery and the kajal pencil doesn’t stay on your eyes, use a gel liner with the help of a brush. Try it a couple of times and even then if you feel that your eyes are teary and red stop using it as come back to use kajal pencil.

Step 6:-

You can also make the kajal stay longer by dipping the kajal pencil in the black gel liner and then apply it directly to your waterline. This gives the very intense look and keeps it smudge-free.

Step 7:-

If you still feel that kajal is smudging, apply a black eyeshadow below the waterline starting from the outside and stop it till the three-fourth of the eye.

Now, this eye shadow powder will stay on the smudging kajal creamy texture and won’t allow it to move from its place. Better leave the inner corners bare or apply a shimmery shade.

Step 8:-

Now, to give a Smokey effect to your eyes, apply a thick line of kajal on the lower rim and then smudge off the line with a smudger or shadow brush.

Step 9:-

Once applying the kajal to the lower lid is completed, you can apply to the upper eyelid. To do this, close your eyes and then, line the upper eyelid from the inner corner till the outer corner of the eyes using kajal. While applying gradually increase the thickness of the kajal so that it looks bright.

This is such a simple process. But, if you are getting prepared for a wedding or for some parties and functions, you can add more beauty to your eyes with colorful eye pencils, eyelashes and eye shadows.

Mascara also has an important role in boosting up your eyes with long and bright eyelashes. So, apply it in the generous amount and give it a desi look.

This will finally brighten up your eyes and make your eyes look bigger than normal. Be it a day time or night time applying kajal at any time makes your eyes look gorgeous.

Bottom line:

So if you are a kajal lover and low using it, follow these simple steps that enhance your kajal eye makeup. Hope, this information would really help you to lighten eyes in no time. 


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