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Best Makeup Technique To Conceal Under Eyes
Feb 07, 2017
Best Makeup Technique To Conceal Under Eyes

Makeup Tips to Conceal Under Eyes

The under eye bags create quite a stir in our daily living.  There are many reasons why they pop up, while the
most common reason is aging.  As we age the tissue structures and muscles that are supporting the eyelids gets weaken and the skin gets thin and wrinkled.  The fat around the eye loses its stiffness and forms into a bag under the eye, which is called as a under-eye bag. 

With age, the skin loses its elasticity, which is also a cause for the formation of under eye bags.  There are many other reasons for the formation of under eye bags.  The next common reason for under eye bag formation is due to heredity.  Few people suffer with under eye bags because of hereditary. 

They are also formed due to fluid retention or imbalanced hormone levels or unhealthy diet with huge amounts of salt intake.  They are also formed due to lack of good sleep.  If the eyes are puffy and reddish then it is due to allergies and dermatitis. 

If the under eye bags are due to age or hereditary there are treatments to reduce them in the medical field.  If the under eye bags are due to sleepless nights you can get rid of them by having a good sleep and if the under eye bags are due to excess intake of alcohol or hormonal imbalance then you can take care of them and get rid of these under eye bags. 

All the solutions we have just told are not immediate solutions.  They will take the time to reduce the under eye bags or puffiness and redness of eyes.  If you have a party to attend then it is difficult to get rid of those under eye bags and puffiness of the eyes with the treatments and all. 

So in order to get a solution right away for these under eye bags is concealing.  Yes!  There is a technique of how to conceal your under eye bags and we are going to share with you how to do it.  A simple concealer cannot cover them up, but a particular technique with a concealer will do this for us.  So let us see what the technique is.

Best technique to conceal your under eye bags

The protagonist of this article is none other than the concealer.  The best concealer you chose the best results you are going to see.  The important thing is to pick the thick concealer whose shade is one or two shades lighter than your skin tone. 

This concealer is not for your entire face, but it is just used to cover yours under eye bags.  If you are done with your process of choosing right concealer then go through the detailed procedure we have provided for you below.


·      The first thing you need to do is hydrate your eyes.  Use your regular moisturizer to moisturize and hydrate yours under eye skin.  Wait for that moisturizer to dry and wait for at least a minute.

·      Now in order to choose the concealer you have to consult the color chart.  We have already written an article on the color chart so you can refer it.  We are now taking a common under eye color that most of the women have and going to explain to you how to cover it up. 

·      Most of the under eye colors are blues and purples.  So when you refer the color chart you can find that the exact opposite for both blue and purple is orange. 

·      This step covers your dark circles so very effortlessly for a whole long day.  All you need to do is choose the right color using the color chart.  When you use the right color for covering up the dark circles you can use less makeup and you can get coverage along with a flawless effect.

·      Our main problem here is 3D under eye bags.  In order to cover up the 3D effect of the under eye bags, you have to create an illusion to make them look less visible. 

·      Pick up a stiffer concealer, which is not creamy and which is a lighter shade.  Now take some concealer with the help of a brush and trace right along the eye bag. 

·        Don’t blend the concealer, but instead put it just where the bag is. This illusion effect you have created using that light concealer won’t reflect the shadow of the under eye bag.

·        When you are done with illusion effects you have to conceal for real.  Use a pro long wear concealer. Instead of putting just under the eyes where the under eye bags are present spread it to the cheeks area. 

·        This is because the concealer is a bit light shade compared to your skin tone.  This is going to highlight the entire area.

·        Let it dry for 10 seconds or so and it will become a little bit tacky.  Now use a blender, sponge, fingers, or a brush to pat the concealer into the skin.  The patting process should be done very gently by doing paddling motions. 

·        This is because if you use your full force on it the entire makeup underneath the eye is going to get disturbed.

·        The padding you are doing have to be very gentle and will take some time to complete.

·        As this makeup has to last all the day you have to lock it up with a makeup powder.  Use an under eye powder to lock the makeup under the eyes.  Just take some under eye powder and pat it gently.  Don’t swipe or rub the makeup.  Instead, make sure that everything is locked with the powder you are putting.

There ends our concealer technique.  There are many other techniques to treat under eye bags, but this is the best ever technique we can dare to write up for you.  This is a very simple technique, but their tricks included in this technique.  If you are well aware of the trick then you can get the perfect look.  Hope you enjoyed reading our article.  Make sure to share your ideas with us. 


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