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Glimmering Eyelids to Gilded Lips Makeup
Feb 06, 2017
Glimmering Eyelids to Gilded Lips Makeup

The glittering and shiny things to attract the eyes of a person very rapidly because of attractive nature that forces the eyes to look at them even if they don't want to watch it. If you look at the reason for applying makeup on the face, then the answer will be defined, to become the center of attraction among the crowd.

This is the reason why people tried the eyeshadows and lipsticks which have rich contents of shining and glittering materials which provide the face with a very different and standing in the crowd look.

Pat McGrath is the first to draw the combination of this makeup very well and it's become a topic of discussion among the stylists, models and reality stars as it provides a different golden look to your face. She executed this makeup technique and it surprised each and every person who sees this amazing touch of gold.

She made this magical makeup possible with the use of her new pigment known as Gold 001 and with the help of the models, Daria Strokus has a dramatic arc created onto the eyelids, Bella Hadid was gazing with a slash, gilded brows enhanced Vera Derrida look and Riley Montana received combo of three glittering looks, two aligned with pupils and last along the cupid's bow. Other than this the amazing a combination with cat eyes leaves everyone surprised and adorned with the beauty.

After the amazing success of the show, this miraculous golden touch powder was launched exclusively one McGrath website with a limited stock. The beauty statement with a golden touch has left each and every people surprised and it has been the topic of discussion which forced everyone to adore the talent of the self-made artist.

She is an artist who used to travel with about fifty bags of each and every makeup tools including brushes, materials, reference books and many others. But she proved that one can set a makeup trend with the use of miraculous talent and few innovative products.

The idea of gold can take makeup towards a new bold direction which is different from that of the old technique which includes fluctuation in the texture by combining different color shades.

She made the debut makeup launch of Prada's Spring Show 2016 in Milan last year where the amazingly new and golden look of the models with shades of gold and perfectly painted lips has left everyone adored. After a week, the public got a chance to get closer to the golden makeup look during the Paris Fashion Week.

They transformed students, stars, Parisian passerby and supermodels with cat eyes, twinkling washes of pigment and metallic bright lashes. Later, she launched a thousand pieces of the amazing gold powder as an exclusive launch on her website.

The launch of a small batch of this concept was a marketing strategy and the artist wanted to create a competition in the market and a thousand pieces are even a big task to prepare and a big lab was employed to produce such amount of golden powder. It took more than a year to create this product and one of the best innovations of the artist. She created an enthusiasm and crazy for her golden batch with the different technique of launching the product that made everyone curious for ordering it.

The lucky thousand will get the trial of this golden glittery product that can be applied to the skin by dusting or blended with the face cream to get a glittering face. It gives a perfect finish where ever it is applied on the face and the packaging of the product is also very interesting which works as an icing on the cake.

Bottom line:

It has been the right assumption of the artist that this will set a trend in the modern makeup techniques because all and sundry wants a new look these days which is different from the usual boring ways.


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