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How Fake Eyelashes Can Damage your Eyes
Feb 07, 2017
How Fake Eyelashes Can Damage your Eyes

Eyes are the messenger of love, this ain’t any simple literature sentence but infact a truth. So there is no wonder adding an appurtenance of beauty over the eye to make it more seductive, yes we are talking about fake eyelashes, but when you do so you are burying the health of your eyes.

Eyelashes doesn’t make any sense if you don’t have healthy eyes, right? When you add a lot cosmetic to the eye, it hurts because nature already gave the eyes its perfect instinct to survive without the human intervention.

So let us look into some practices and facts, making your eye more beautiful without being stepping out of the naturalness.

Fake lashes, what they do?

Fake lashes are made of synthetic polymers, which create a perfect blend with your natural eyelashes mimicking the length to make it more attractive. It seems a very simple piece of plastic over the eyelid but other than it’s a kind of rocket science behind these things that one must understand.

Indecorously designed eyelashes can cause various health related problems to your eyes. Anything other than natural must be studied in a keen manner to understand its adverse effect.

Natural eyelashes are designed to protect the eyes from dust particles, to keep it moisturized and shade from glare. According to scientists, the preferable length of eyes lashes must be one-third of the eye so that it doesn’t create a shade over vision.

Little Science

A group of scientist from Georgia Institute of technology, Atlanta, United States studied the effect of fake eyelashes on the user. One of their studies includes measuring the eyelash length of 22 species of mammals ranging from hedgehog to giraffe, finally concluding that the natural gave the best to its beings by keeping the eyelash one-third of that of eye length.

By this way, the eyes are shielded from the dust and dirt without disturbing the vision.

But when this proportion is broke, long lashes create a problem. In another experiment they lab monitored a synthetic eye with long lashes subjected to a wind tunnel, to understand the fact that eyes evaporate out quickly than having normal eyelashes.

Actually, long lashes channel the wind directly on the eyes exposing it to the wind, making it dry quickly. Whereas the natural one does the opposite by protecting the eyes by creating a stagnant layer of air in front of eyes each time you blink.

When you use fake eyelash

It’s inevitable in the modern era to be out without touch of makeup, but you can make it more user-friendly by following small tips. While using eyelashes make sure that you follow the 1:3 proportion.

Try darker shades of lashes in order to compensate the length, or there are various colors available creating a unique blend of color bash with your makeup.

The best choice is to avoid longer lashes to keep the eyes moisturized, but during certain circumstances longer lashes might be used, say in an opera play or stage show, during which you can aid your eyes with a drop of eye moisturizers.

Always, stay natural to keep yourself fit. If your eyes got a beautiful tale to be recited then try to make it happen without stepping far from being natural.


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