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How To Pick And Use Mascara
Feb 07, 2017
How To Pick And Use Mascara

How To Pick And Use Mascara

Most women probably wanted the best out of anything they always jump for the best suitability’s for themselves their desires always wanted the best beauty routine to make their lifestyle view correctly whether it is clothing daily needs accessories, cosmetics, and makeup.

So it is very obvious that people has many opinions and stands whether it is anything so these articles deal with very helpful and worthy tips which make you look the best with only the use of mascara to highlight your face to grab the attention.

Basically, adoption of mascara leads to gain nice highlighted eyelashes there are many patterns which you can build by the use of mascara and they are volumizing the eyelashes.

So these were written to provide the best piece of advice which will make you know what is a mascara and which one will suit you the best out of all the variant patterns so for the females who have doubt of which level of mascara will go well accordingly to your eyes tips are discussed below:

1.    Which is the most important factor brand or stick?

As it's been said everything has it owns purpose likewise brand and the material also matters as by a report given to the brand of MAYBELLINE is that they elaborated by saying both has there used differently so one is perfect brand gives the best texture and look and the best wand i.e. the stick has its own uses in terms of look the bristle quality as there are many types of quality bristle quality is nothing but the lashes how much quantity would it consists is decided by the bristle stick.

2.    Brush shape:

Brushes has its own utilization whether it is its quantity which the eyelashes brush will hold the volume of high definition touch of giving a perfect look just like hair brushes where all the brushes have its own different patterns of execution by providing different patterns accordingly to the maximum the mascara with smaller and shorter bristle are easy to use and its not like if we go for smaller bristle others are not good its just for the beginners it would create great difference and for dense look through your eyelashes you need the thicker brushes.

3.    Tricks to apply

Firstly curl your eyelashes than take out the mascara and apply it very properly by putting it from the tip to the roots sufficiently without damaging its look and then extend the lashes push it to the up so that your eyes look big.

And the important thing to get the best look is to apply the mascara first coat and then let it dry for some time then go for the next coat go for as many coats which you feel appropriate for you to take it with ease.

4.    Curling mascaras working

It cannot give so excellent touch but you can go for it just to gain a touch of curl to your lashes without much expectation but a bit would be influenced without fail.

5.    Bottom eyelashes mascara

It is nothing but to gain the bigger eyes without making it look artificial yes it does work by using it you can have a great texture of brilliant look but handling it carefully matters as because it holds more capacity in quantity in the form of lash brush so while applying the coat see if gets denser and reduce the look. Mostly prefer the light touch.

6.    Flaking

The horror side of mascara is it turns around to fall off like peel when it grows older as time so it seems to be very old and make us disgusting to use it further because while taking out a little coat will also generate heavy volume and make it look denser.

Hygiene tip

Never share your piece of mascara with anyone as the stick that is the bristle contains bacteria after applying it to your eyelashes and once you insert it into the bottle will lead to spreading bacteria inside the tube so it can turn into a big health issue.

Types Of Mascaras:

•    Water soluble mascara- this is the mascara which indeed takes a long time to remove with water but the great content of water soluble mascara are very easily removed off due to the proportion of quality in the bristle brush and in fact it's removed quickly without causing any pain to the eyelashes as because those are the delicate platforms.

•    Waterproof mascara- waterproof is the complicated and not so healthy mascara as because cleaning is a tough job because it removes the lashes out while cleaning with the wipe and would lead to reducing your eyelashes so basically it can be used only for some occasions because it has the demerit factor which will let you lose your eyelashes. And avoid it to use every day.


If you ever left out with the stain around the eye then don’t immediately rush for cleaning it because it will create the disaster so avoid wiping it off, in fact, wait for some minutes and then clean it with some cloth which will lead to clean it up very quickly without affecting any part of your eyes makeup.


Mascara is one of the very important factors for applying it into your eyes but ignoring it leads to incomplete touch given to your look so adopt it when it is needed because it helps you look more charming and changes your looks and gives you an antique look.

So if you are avoiding such tips just because you don’t know that how to apply then go through this article for some major help which I also had experienced in my regular days.


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