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8 Simple And Best Rose Face Packs
Jul 31, 2016
8 Simple And Best Rose Face Packs

Rose face packs are always popular and they do miracles on your skin. Women of all ages and all skin types mostly prefer using rose water for skin care. Rose petals, oils extracted from rose petals, rose water can be used for treating all kinds of skin problems.

Researchers also found that it contains antioxidants that are good for avoiding many of the skin problems. You can have glowing as well as radiant skin with rose petals and rose water. Petals also contain antibacterial properties and vitamin K, C, and B that gives positive effects to your skin.

To get all these amazing benefits, we can use this rose in making face packs. Some of the effective face packs that can be made with rose petals and its powder are listed below.

1. Rose Petals with Multani Mati

To start preparing this pack you need the ingredients such as 2 to 3 tbsp’s of rose petals, 1 to 2 tbsp’s of fuller’s earth or Multani miti, 1 tbsp of egg white, 1 tbsp of orange peel or lemon peel powder and required amount of water.

Mix all the ingredients in a bowl thoroughly to make a smooth paste. Now, apply the paste to your face and leave it for 15 to 20 minutes before you rinse off with cool water.

2. Rose with Honey

Most of the kitchens will have honey so that you don’t have to get this from the market. Now, it’s easy to prepare this face pack. But, all that you need is rose petals powder and for this, you need to either dry the leaves and makes the powder or else buy it from the market. Now you have the both ingredients at your hands so start preparing the face pack. Take a tbsp of rose petal powder along with a tbsp of honey. Blend them well and then apply it to your face. Allow it to dry for 15 minutes or till it dries and then rinse off with water and then observe the difference. Regularly using the pack makes y our skin beautiful and clear.

3. Rose with Lemon

To prepare this mask, use 2 to 3 tbsp’s of rose petals, 1 tbsp of sandal powder, 1 tbsp of lemon juice and 1 pinch of turmeric powder. Mix the ingredients well in a bowl and then apply it to your face.

Later, leave it for 15 minutes and then wash your face. Using this mask will reduce the dark complexion of the face and lightens it. It also increases the glow of your skin.

4. Rose with Sandalwood

Take 2 tsp of milk, a spoon of sandalwood powder and rose petals extract in a bowl and mix them well. Now apply this paste over your facial skin.

Allow it to dry for 30 minutes and then rinse the face completely. This face pack will brighten as well as radiant your skin tone.

5. Rose Petals Paste with Oatmeal

This face pack works well for dried skin and gives you a glowing skin for a long time. It also clears black spots, black marks that are caused by pimples and acne.

To get these benefits make a face pack out of 2 tbsp of oatmeal and 2 to 3 tbsp of rose petal paste. Refrigerate the paste for 30 minutes and later apply the paste on your face.  Use this rose cream or paste for 15 days to get best results.

6. Crushed Rose Petals with Egg

This is one of the best face packs ever. To make this face pack, take an egg and separate the egg white from your egg yolk. Now add this egg white in a container and then add 1 tsp of honey to it, crushed rose petals into the bowl.

Mix all the ingredients well and then apply the paste on your face and once the face pack gets dry wash it off with water. This is an anti ageing face pack. Egg white in the pack will help in lifting the facial skin, reduces the skin wrinkles and makes your skin smooth as well as firm.

Antioxidants in honey, rejuvenates the skin and improves the elasticity of your skin and last but not least soothing and astringent properties of rose petals reduce the redness of your skin, tightens the pores of your skin and gives a rose complexion to your skin.

7. Rose with Orange Peel

This is one of the wonderful face packs. It gives a brightening effect to your skin. All you need to make this face pack is fresh soft rose petals extracted from the tree and an equal quantity of dried orange peel powder.

Now take a container and then add the orange peel powder and rose petal juice into the bowl. If necessary you can also add a tbsp of yogurt to it. Mix the ingredients and apply the paste to your face as well as neck. After 10 to 15 minutes, wash the face with water.

8. Rose and Mango

You can try this face pack in the summer season when mangoes are available. To make this face pack, take a scoop of apple flesh after peeling it off, half a cup of pulped mango and few rose petals in a bowl.

If you have dried skin take milk with mango pulp and if it is oily skin take rose water instead of milk. Now, mix the ingredients in a bowl and apply it to your face. After 20 minutes, rinse your face with water. This face pack is excellent for giving you glowing skin.

These are the 8 different face packs that can be made with rose petals and other ingredients. So, try them out to have a flawless glowing skin. 


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