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Benefits Of Shahnaz Hussain Vegetable Peel Pack
Jun 13, 2016
Benefits Of Shahnaz Hussain Vegetable Peel Pack

Shahanaz Husain is a famous stylist who works on inventing new herbal products for skin care.  Shahanaz Herbals Inc is famous in producing innovative herbal and Ayurvedic beauty products for hair and skin without any side effects. 

Shahanaz Husain insists of using these herbal products for clean and clear skin.  She now came up with innovative idea of vegetable peel pack for skin.  She says that it will work wonders on skin and reduces all sorts of skin problems like rashes, pigmentation, scars, tanning, pimples, complexion etc.  So, let us look what is there in the peel pack.

1. Say cheerio to scars:

Ayurveda is something that we got as an asset from our ancestors.  It is best known for protecting us inside as well as outside.  Shahnaz Husain products are made based on formula of Ayurveda.  Shahnaz Veg Peel pack helps women with scars and blemishes. 

This vegetable peel pack is made of Yashad Bhasm as main ingredient. Yashad Bhasm is known for its healing power of scars.  Using this Shahnaz Husain Vegetable Peel pack you get flawless skin without any scars or blemishes on your skin.

2. Protects from sun damage and tanning:

No matter how much level of sunscreen lotion you apply, there is no way to escape from sun rays.  Sun rays damage your skin and tan formed by those rays will make your skin dull by darkening your complexion.  The Shahnaz Husain vegetable peel will help you get rid of these problems.  The veggie peel will protect your skin from sun damage and tanning and gives youthful and flawless skin.

3. Improves your complexion:

The vegetable peel pack by Shahnaz Husain is fully loaded with almonds and Yashad Bhasm.  Almonds are best known for improving your skin color and Yashad Bhusm for its healing power.  Almonds are naturally used for maintaining clear skin and helps protect from hyper-pigmentation.  Almonds present in this vegetable peel pack makes your skin glow more.

4. Tones your skin:

This vegetable peel pack contains Vrihi, which is natural toner.  It helps in moisturizing skin and protects from dryness, patches, and scars.  It also maintains PH level of skin to be normal and it makes skin soft, silky and well toned.



5. No marks:

Vegetable Peel Pack has henna as ingredient.  Henna is known for improving texture of the skin.  It helps in reducing marks which are due to sun burns and aging.  This pack removes all the marks on your face in just one or two sittings.  

6. Acts as a cleanser:

Vegetable peel pack is rich in Sudh Gairika which is good for blood circulation.  Sudh Gairika works as cleansing agent for face.  It cleanses face by removing all dirt and oil on the face.  It helps in opening up pores on face.  It helps as cleansing agent and gives oil free and glowing skin.

7. Anti-acne agent:

This vegetable peel pack also comes with another miraculous ingredient called Babul Gond.  Babul Gond acts as acne controller.  It takes vegetable peel pack into different level by the way of controlling acne. It is also used in controlling skin freckles.  Vegetable peel pack is also used to bring life into lifeless, dull, and dry skin.

8. Eliminates Blackheads:

Blackheads are biggest problems that women face. Blackheads can be removed by Vegetable peel pack.  The almonds present in vegetable peel pack are responsible for removing blackheads on face.

Regular usage of vegetable peel pack will keep you away from all your skin problems.


Price is 2,530INR for 350 grams.

Use this Shahnaz Hussain vegetable pack and be benefited to the maximum.


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