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Best Ways How a Coconut Can Improve Your Facial Skin Health
Jun 07, 2016
Best Ways How a Coconut Can Improve Your Facial Skin Health

Best Ways How a Coconut Can Improve Your Facial Skin Health 

Coconut oil is eminent all over the world not only as a hair tonic and edible oil but also as an outstanding smoother and massage oil for the skin. In the humid parts of the world where coconuts are heavily available can be used for several purposes, commonly they use coconut oil for their skin, as they strongly believe that it guards against the harmful sun UV rays.

So this usual oil, without any harmful chemicals or condiments, can shield your skin in some of the sunniest and warmest places on ground better than our artificial and processed UV protection creams

Coconut oil is cherished as a marvel food, supplement and can be utilized for lot more purposes. Regardless of the hysteria around coconut oil, it might be somewhat beneficial if you add this oil to your daily beauty routine. Definitely, you can cook your food with it if you want to get some different taste, but the best way to put this oil on you skin can make your skin beautiful and gorgeous.

Organic Coconut oil is already being utilized in plentiful natural cosmetics, and studies are saying that they are onto everything. It is significant to note that virgin and organic oil is the paramount kind to use for all of the skin remedies that we have explained below. Let’s see some of the new ways how coconuts can enhance your health of the facial skin.

1. Facial Cleanser

One of the remarkable properties of coconut oil is that it acts as a normal moisturizer, as well as an antiseptic and an antifungal agent. A lot of studies suggest that it is amazing for curing dermatitis, and as an outcome, several people use it as a face scrub in night times.

Rub this oil in small circles all around your face and neck and gently massage it deep into your skin. Once you have done, wash it off the rest with your preferred facial cleanser.

2. Used to remove Eye Makeup

Here is one surprising usage for this multipurpose kind of oil. It is capable of removing eye makeup without the usage of harmful chemicals. The oil works well on nearly any sort of eye makeup, waterproof mascara also.

Try this method by simply putting a little amount of oil on cotton and rub it mildly over your eyes, under eyes as well. You will be amazed by seeing its great job as it removes spreading inky and waxy eye makeup.

It also hydrates your skin around your sensitive eyelids. Once you have done this complete process, just wash your face you as commonly you do.

3. Highlight Your Cheekbones

If you are feeling worn-out and looking a slight worse for the attire, nothing will add you up like a small bit of highlighter. Luckily for you, there is no need of using an expensive brand makeup and maquillages in order to attain the glowing complexion you need.

Just sweep a slight dab of organic coconut oil on the top of your makeup that you are already using and then leave it for some time alone. Your skin will appear the same; moreover, you will be having a more blushing complexion.

Because of this property, so many makeup brands are using this oil as a major component in their makeup products.

4. Acts as a Lip Gel

Small cracks in our lips can be a cause of worries, discomfort, and awkwardness. When we use artificial chemical gels on the lips, sometimes it is likely to consume those lip gels unintentionally, even though they are slightly toxic. Some gels might be edible, but you still not want to eat those substances.

Coconut oil comes as a perfect substitute in such cases. It acts rapidly and even if it goes in your belly, it will only give you added benefits that make you healthier.

5. Skin softener

Normally, we use numerous lotions and creams for softening our skin, particularly the skin of the hands and face. Coconut oil acts as a great skin softener and aids you do away with dehydrated and rigid skin conditions.

Merely take some coconut oil on your hands, rub your palms touching each other once or twice and apply it on your hands, face or anyplace you need to have the moisturizing effect.

Coconut oil is also worthy for toughened and cracked feet, which might happen due to extreme cold or tireless work while upended on your feet. The small cracks in your feet will not be wiped out, but your feet will get softer within few days if you use coconut oil on the affected area.

Can be used as exfoliate; include some coconut oil with grainy materials like sugars and salts can massively increase the effects. You will effectively scrape off surplus dead skin and clean out whatsoever materials have jammed the pores without leaving the skin feeling annoyed.

The natural calming nature of the oil combines with the gritty, exfoliating material flawlessly, and leaves your skin with an even complexion, closed pores, and a soft touch.

6. Skin disorders

It is sued that coconut oil is good for many skin disorders such as pimples, and eczema and psoriasis. Numerous readers have stated this benefit. Still, scientific research is going on in order to verify or disprove these dues.

Based on the research, there are several studies to its protein content, as the replacement of sick or dying skin cells that can arise with numerous skin disorders are speedily replaced by new fat cells.

In this method, coconut oil not only cures the infection by fighting the bacterial bodies, they also cure the damage or the noticeable marks of that skin disorder.


It’s pretty astounding that such a modest, natural product can profit your skin. These are lot many uses that skin care specialists have found for this astonishingly useful product. Try these tips out, and we were sure that this delightful oil will become a consistent part of your skin care routine in no time.


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