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Sea Weed Facials For Enhancing Skin
Jun 07, 2016
Sea Weed Facials For Enhancing Skin

Seaweed Facial for Beautiful Skin

Beauty first, this would be the sole motto of ladies because nature itself granted the females with the elixir of resplendency. It is estimated that annually around 100 billion dollars are being spent by the feminism on beauty products. This alone could tell us how important the appearances mean to them.

For skin, facials are the most popular class of beauty treatment in which half a dozen creams carrying all the vital nutrients for the skin are being applied over. Each set of cream a particular job to be done on the skin. Most of the creams are made from cosmetic grade chemical mixtures along with natural fruits and vegetables.

Seaweed facial would be a different experience due to the fact that they pack in enough punch to alternate the costly creams. Moreover, there are a lot of advantages going with seaweed facial rather than conventional chemical preparations which might be allergic to some skins.

Seaweed facial rooted in late 20th century in the French minds; from there they had a non-stopping journey through the faces of millions of women.

Benefits of seaweed

Wondered what is so great about seaweed facial? Since the thing is something imposing an impression of cheap source most would think that it is futile and may not give expected result, but check this out

·        Seaweed is very rich in essential nutrients that our skin requires most. The list of nutrients includes vitamins, amino acids, and trace elements.

·       There out of line benefits like relieving menopause stress, liver problems and forestalling the birth problems inspired a stake in the cosmetic industry also.

·      They contain certain antioxidants which have an amazing property of protecting the skin from an attack of free radicals released from the body.

·      They are rich in compounds like selenium sulfide and the ascorbic acid which has anti-aging properties that can help slow down the wrinkles on the skin.

·      The organic iodine present in the seaweed helps to promote the skin metabolism thus ensuring good blood flow thereby nutrient flourishing is enhanced.

·      There are certain fatty acids in the seaweed which helps to prevent inflammations on the skin.

·      Seaweed facial helps in detoxifying the skin thereby nourishes it and rejuvenate the new cell growth.

·      The highlight is that seaweed facial is compatible with almost all skin types contrary to the fact that other facial creams might turn allergic to some skin.

Various Facial treatments

     1)   4 layer facial: Starts with a cleansing cream that cleans the face followed by a gentle massage to enhance blood circulation. After a waiting period, the European seaweed mask is applied following a thermal mask.

     2)   European Seaweed facial: As the name suggest European facial is of European standard but it might vary from continent to continent though the procedure remains same like starting off with a skin cleanser and a scrub followed by a steam treatment. Later they use seaweed serum instead of a cream which is enriched with minerals and vitamins, ending on a massage.

     3)   Seaweed Mask facial: The seaweed mask cream is available commercially, which is applied over with an optional cleansing and gave a gentle massage once after removing the mask.

The Highlight

The best thing about seaweed facial is that if you are a DIY fan, then this is one of the best options you got. Instead of spending time on the salon, this alternative could be chosen which is effective as a beauty clinic treatment. Almost all reputed brands of cosmetics have a seaweed pack understanding the inner call of a woman. If you more of an eco being then you could even buy seaweed powder from a local store or medical shop which can be mixed with distilled water or milk to prepare a homemade mask.

Bottom Line

Why spend money, when nature has the best product for you? It’s always good to look for a change which can be more effective than predecessors. Seaweed facial would be one such effective alternative for a glorious face.


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