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4 Quick and Healthy Recipes of Horseradish
Jun 20, 2016
4 Quick and Healthy Recipes of Horseradish

It’s quite funny that one might say horseradish is a veggie eaten by horses, but wrong. They are part of human culinary, most probably familiar to you in the sauce form.

It’s a perennial plant belonging to Brassicaceae family which houses some common vegetables like broccoli, mustard, cabbage etc. The root of horseradish plant is the part of our interest.

Though they are native to Europe, they are been grown around Asia and the American continent. In its naïve figure horseradish don’t give a clue regarding any aroma, but once cut or grated the enzyme released cook some fine reaction resulting in a pungent odor similar to mustard oil which is an irritant.

Usually, cut horseradish is soon preserved in vinegar in order to protect it from any external reaction which might spoil the culinary grade of the vegetable.

How they are cultivated?

They are perennial in colder parts of the world whereas grown as an annual plant in moderate regions. Once after planting, the farmers wait till the autumn to carry away the dormancy, soon the major root is harvested replanting the sub-root for next season or harvest.

They have an invasive nature such that they spread underground when left undisturbed in the field. The older roots go off culinary as it ages turning themselves in hard and woody.

On the table

1. Horseradish Sauce:

The most popular form of horseradish would the sauce, which is basically the grated root mixed in vinegar and bottled. They taste best with roasted pork and beef, but also found their seat with some vegetable salads, sandwich, and nuts.

They also come in a variety of flavor where usually the vinegar is replaced by citric acid or lemon juice, popular around Germany. A perfect mix of mustard oil and horseradish found to improve the flavor of the sauce.

2. Sandwich spread:

This an American version of the horseradish sauce, in which the grated root is first made into a sauce and blended with mayonnaises and salad dressings to make them a perfect spread on sandwiches, burgers, and roasts.

This spread is also tried with salads to improve the flavor, where in some parts of the world horseradish spread or cream is made spicy by tossing some Indian spice to recreate a tropical feast.

3. As a vegetable:

Avoiding much decoration and experimentation, the horseradish is used as a vegetable itself either cooked or baked in order to release the enzymes which might give a fire of hell inside the stomach.

They have known by various names around the world of which the most popular one is ‘khren’ or ‘kren’. They are a part of the wedding feast in Germany served along with lingonberry dip and beef whereas a red variety is baked Karen is preferred around Poland.

The taste buds are different for different people but the master root is all same, the horseradish.

4. Soup preparation:

The nutrient content of horseradish fascinated some finally resulting in the preparation of a soup prepared to take in the attendees like potato, carrot, and tomato.

Some medical uses of Horseradish

• Reduce bronchitis:

Some research claims that using horseradish and nasturtium orally is found to reduce the symptoms of bronchitis.

• Relief from sinusitis:

Horseradish has certain compounds that have the ability to reduce ease of the inflammation is sinus gland thus palliating sinusitis.

• Some homeopathic medicines are known to use horseradish to cure a broad spectrum of symptoms like:

• Cough

• Joint pain

• Gout

• Intestinal worm malfunction

• Edema’s

• Gallbladder pain

• Horseradish peroxidase is an important nutrient mix used in molecular biological and culture development.


• There is mustard oil content in the plant which causes irritation to throat, food pipe and mouth.

• Children and pregnant ladies avoid this veggie because they are likely to cause irritation

• Horse radish might create a digestive imbalance in some, so preferably be cautious about the consumption.

• A small percentage reported hyperthyroidism being worsened on consumption of horseradish.

Bottom Line:
So, we got another pal in the vegetable cart. Be sure that next time you give it a try because always experimenting new culinary is fun.


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