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Refrigeration of Food Is Boon or Bane
Jun 24, 2016
Refrigeration of Food Is Boon or Bane

Imagine life without ice creams, canned food and fresh fruits & vegetables, goose bumps start offs by thinking about it. Refrigerator and kitchen are interlinked with each other, Refrigerator or, in other words, a cold storage is constructed for prevention of food where the cooling factors allow scheduling the expiry of food for some days. 

Without any effect caused to the taste, color and nutritional values of the food. As we also know that we cannot totally rely upon refrigerator which has a limited contribution towards preserving food but though it is trust able in terms of perishable food stuff which include fruits, vegetable, fresh meat and for the food which is cooked freshly can also be stored in the refrigerator for using it later.

During prehistoric times, when refrigerators where not available, Man found its alternates options for preserving food stuff inside the cave or use to cover the stuff by packing it with snow to last for longer time and for their future use and in those days they used to harvest ice, before the first millennium.

So after man became industrialized and mechanized they invented the refrigerator to store and preserve food and it became much easier for us to spend our days very happily. When today in our daily lives when power goes off for a while we start to crawl by thinking that food will get spoil. In summer season the use of refrigerator is not only found for preserving food but important that we don’t have glass of water if it’s not chilled along with ice in it.


There are many discussions, debates and questions regarding preserving food that if it was healthy or harming our body in terms of hygiene.

So as per Researchers research, the concept plays two sides of the coins some say yes! It has boon factors, and some say No! The bane factors, so here we are left out in the dilemma!  


•    Refrigeration of food has utilization; it does not allow food to get decompose by allowing it to survive for future.

•    Refrigeration allows us to enjoy the taste of the food during the off season when it is not available in the surroundings.

•    It keeps the food to sustain with its hygiene factor, which will make us lead a healthy life.

•    Food stuffs like canning; pasteurization does not get spoilt or effected when stored in the refrigerators.

•    The cooling factor in the refrigerator does not allow the food to decompose easily because the elements present in the refrigerator tackles the bacteria in the food and slow down its procedure of decomposing the food.

•    Refrigeration allows the baking stuff like pancakes, biscuits, plum cakes to last for a week and makes us enjoy the flavor towards the whole week.

•    Refrigeration of food is not a dangerous thing there are many things which taste good when they are stored for longtime sauces, salad toppings, ketchups that last more than weeks some last for months and it’s not at all harmful, in fact there are many people who like to have chilled pizzas.

So it’s all about mentalities people and there vibrant opinions being conservative in terms of safety is not bad but start believing things which need to be believed and there are many kinds of stuff which taste amazing when storing in refrigerators.

One of the best mouth watery is pickle which nourishes its taste as it turns older so storing food is a good practice to enjoy its flavor all through the year even in the off seasons.



•    Refrigerating food is harmful found in some study as we all know there are lot of goods and bad in the society not only about food but about anything, so its worthy enough to think twice about anything because in every way safety comes fast so it’s been said that in the cooling agent of the refrigerator release of sulfur dioxide and methyl chloride is leading people to die which is liberated from it.

•    Some people also witnessed that the leakage of ammonia from the refrigerants, as we all knows that it is highly toxic in terms human body.

•    And there was also another factor which was leading that the release of CFC’s was affecting human’s health very badly and later it was switched to Freon because the CFC was causing effect to the ozone layer so due to that it was almost banned everywhere.

•    A lot of people still doesn’t eat the storing food because as per them they feel that the food which is stored in the refrigerator becomes contaminated after storing in the refrigerators.


So here are some BOON and BANE factors for refrigerating food, as we all know it’s always up to us to take it from our point of view. In terms of refrigerating food from my personal experiences, It’s been a long time me staying away from family and most of the time I eat refrigerating food and when I use to discuss in my circle that today I had yesterday’s curry or dal or rice they use to pass their opinions in terms like Do You Want To Die or what!

And I used to be amazed and use to reply them that nothing is bad in that refrigerating food has the same calories and taste like the fresh food. Than they use to start off, with their own experiences like I never ate refrigerated stored food since my childhood.

This is what it happens in the society people have different-different opinions irrespective of their mind sets. So it’s completely ok it’s a democratic country people have their own choices of believing what is good and what is bad? So from as per me and my experience which I have read that there is no harmful feature that would affect someone’s health that will lead them to lose their lives.

I feel enjoy and believe in technology! They are not here to fool us. In fact, they want every one of us, to enjoy their lives with less stress and too maintain a smile in our faces.


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