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Natural Liquid Foundation Recipe
Feb 08, 2017
Natural Liquid Foundation Recipe

A homemade natural liquid foundation is very easy to prepare and it just takes a few steps to complete. It includes many of the natural skin ingredients with clays and minerals. This liquid foundation looks amazing on your skin. So to start preparing this home-based natural liquid foundation recipe, see the below-given information.

Preparing the Base Moisturizer for Liquid Foundation

At first, you need to prepare the base moisturizer and there are 2 ways for making the base of this liquid foundation. One is a simple way and the other is DIY way. The method to prepare this recipe in both the ways is listed below. So, go through them.

Simple Version Base:-

If you want to go for a simple version use directly 3 tbsp’s of  pre-made moisturizer for the base of the foundation. Try to prefer the natural moisturizing lotions which are safe to use. Now, add colors and pigments as required to it.

DIY Version Base:-

If you want to prepare the base yourself at your home, then it takes some more time than the simple version. And for this, you need to gather the below-mentioned ingredients.

Ingredients Required for the Homemade Version of Natural Liquid Foundation Base

Jojoba oil or Argan oil of 2 teaspoons

Shea butter of 1 teaspoon

Witch hazel of 1 teaspoon

Aloe Vera gel of 1 tablespoon and

Half teaspoon of vegetable based emulsifying wax

Apart from these ingredients to add the base for coverage and color you need the ingredients listed below.

Either ¼th to ½ tsp of bentonite clay or earth clay or kaolin clay

Organic cocoa powder

Zinc oxide powder (Uncoated or non-nano)  or white cosmetic clay and

½ to 1 teaspoon of mica powder in color of your choice

You can also use 2 to 3 tsp’s of natural mineral makeup in the color of choice apart from the above-listed color and coverage ingredients.

Procedure to Prepare the Natural Liquid Foundation

For simple version:-

For the simpler version, you just need to take two simple ingredients such as natural mineral powder along with the organic lotion and mix them for getting desired color as well as consistency. This makes the pre-made or simple version of the natural liquid foundation.

For DIY Version:-

At first, melt the ingredients argan or jojoba oil, Shea butter and emulsifying wax in a double boiler till they are completed melted.

Now add witch hazel, aloe vera gel and beat the mixture until it is blended and makes a smooth mixture.

Next, turn the heat off. With this, the base is completed.

Now, start adding the colors slowly. Start with clays and zinc. Add them until the preferred coverage is obtained. At this point, it will be too light in color.

So, add a tiny pinch of mica powder and cocoa powder at a time till you get the desired color.

Now, dip a spoon in the paste or mixture and allow it to cool for few minutes.

Now it’s the time to test the color as well as coverage. So, test it by applying it on the forehead. Make sure that you have got the right color or tone for the skin.

Now pour the mixture into a container and allow it to cool completely. For this, you can either use the old makeup container or else a glass jar. But, for easy application better store it in a squeezable bottle. This not only keeps the mixture fresh but, also prevents it from contamination.

Now, your DIY natural liquid lotion is ready to use. So, take a makeup sponge and apply a little and it goes the long way.

Both simple or premade version and DIY version of the natural liquid foundations gives the same results. But, the DIY is less expensive when compared to simple version. It also takes only half-an-hour to complete the process completely.

Tips While Preparing the DIY Natural Liquid Foundation

At first, if you are using the zinc oxide, you need to use it for coverage purpose. So, add it 5 times as much non-nano zinc oxide similar to the other ingredients.

Now, add clays and sprinkle them lightly and not more as they form clumps.

Then add the colors by sprinkling them in the tiny amount and not at a time. Sprinkle the colors until you get the desired color.

For added benefit, you can also add few drops of essential skin safe oils such as rose or lavender for scent.

Now allow it to cool the mixture and then, you can test it on the inside of your arm before doing to face. This will confirm you whether the desired color is reached or not.

If you want this liquid foundation to be thick or crème add more Shea butter or else emulsifying wax. This will work out well.

Or else if you want the thin or smooth coverage, add the witch hazel and aloe vera gel slightly less or up to the required amount and not more than that.

These tips will help you out to prepare the DIY version of liquid foundation more efficiently. So, do follow the tips before you start preparing the liquid foundation.

Bottom line:

These are the various steps and procedure involved in making the natural liquid foundation at your home either in simpler version or DIY version. So, follow any of those methods to prepare the liquid foundation and make it yourself. Hope, the information give in this article would help undoubtedly.


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