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10 Ways To Look Younger Instantly
Jul 31, 2016
10 Ways To Look Younger Instantly

10 Ways To Look Younger Instantly

They say that youthful days are the boon for humans.  By celebrating our age, we pass on every year and with every passing year; we get away from our youthful days.  It is obvious that as human beings we want and wish to be young for years.  But it is more obvious that it is “mission impossible” to stay young forever. 

Even though we cannot stay as a young 16-year-old girl or boy, by doing and by following few simple tips, we can maintain our body and face younger.  Staying young is not a soft target that is easy to achieve.  It takes time, patience, and determination to achieve it.  First, you need to have a positive mindset to do this. 

You no need to spill your almighty rupees or dollars on costly salons for staying young.  You no need to spill your sweat in gyms for hours to stay young.  There are few simple tips that will help plant seeds for staying young and healthy.  These tips that I am going to share with you now will help you cover up your age to max extent without signs of artificiality.  So, there we go.

1. 2-Inch Smile

What would you prefer? Smile or cry?  It is way too obvious that most of you people will choose smile on cry.  I remember an adage here, “It is better to forget your wallet than your smile”.  That adage itself shows how important a smile is. 

The best thing about a smile is it enhances the beauty of people.  As per the recent study was done on a smile and its benefits, it is proved that people with smiling faces look younger than their age and beautiful than they are compared to people who choose opposite route. 

People with different moods other than smile are guessed to be aged than they actually are.  So, maintain a “2-inch” smile on your face to make yourself look younger.

2. Eat A Lot Of Grapes

Do you love fruits?  What about grapes?  Their looks and their taste tempt us to eat more and more.  Isn’t it?  If you eat them with love, they will ensure you with lovable looks.  Mark this point.  Along with grapes family, fruits like berries, plums and pears all these fall into the same category.  They work a great deal in making our skin look young.  All these above-mentioned eatables contain a sweat substance in common called Sorbitol.  This helps in absorbing and retaining of moisture present in our body. 

3. Hairdo

As we age, along with the passing years, we face a problem of hair loss to a great extent.  Our Crowning glory is a beauty asset that presents us before the world with different looks. 

If you want to see a drastic change in you, you no need to run from pillar to post.  Just go and have a funky hair cut.  That itself presents you differently than you are before.  So, if are one of the victims of hair loss, try to combat it.  Find ways to make your hair thick and voluminous. 

A voluminous hair indicates healthiness from the bones.  Color your hair with lighter colors.  They help in covering up your thin hair to some extent.  One more problem with hair is dryness.  Dry hair looks like a hay.  If you have a long and thick hair, but it is drowned in dryness, it would be of no use.  So, wash your hair regularly with shampoos that add oiliness to your dry hair.  After shampoo, make sure to use a conditioner on your hair, to give it a healthy and stylish look. 

4. Highlight Your Eyes

Our eyes speak a lot about our beauty.  They are the final authorities that judge our beauty.  So, it is important to present your eyes at its best to enhance your beauty.  Many people give more attention to their cheeks and lips, keeping the eyes aside.  But in real, eyes are the first rankers that get attracted by people more.  It is very important to have well-groomed eyebrows. 

You no need apply all sorts of eye makeup to make them look attractive.  Eyes look beautiful even without a makeup, but just add some mascara and eyeliner to your eyes to make them more attractive.  Even though you have something wrong in your face, your attractive eyes will cover up all those things with their attractive looks.

5. CM Your Skin

Don’t worry. I am not going to discuss the subject of politics here.  Here, CM stands for Cleansing and moisturizing.  Cleansing is nothing but cleaning your skin. As we roam around the globe all the day, we get a lot of dirt on our face.  Keeping it on your face for hours without cleansing it would cause a severe damage to your face.  So, it is important to cleanse you face with a good cleanser.  Don’t use regular soaps to cleanse your face.  Due to the overloaded chemicals in soaps, they would spoil your skin. 

Use chemical-free cleansers that are available in the market to cleanse your face.  When you are done with cleansing, come to next step moisturizing.  Moisturizing your skin is way too important to get rid of dry skin.  Apply a moisturizer before going to bed.  This would help a great deal in keeping your skin young and also ensures dryness free skin.

6. Dress Your Age

I am not passing a criticism on you now.  Even though we look good, young and beautiful, if we have bad dressing sense, all that beauty will go unnoticed.  So, dress your age.  Here, dress your age does not mean that you need to dress as per your age.  It means, dress up your age. 

Cover it up with the best clothes you can.  Don’t skin show if you have wrinkles and fine lines?  Try to cover up your skin in such a way that there will be no clue left to say that you are older.  Try to wear dark colored clothes.  Don’t prefer colors that dominate you.  Try to choose clothes that compliment you and vice versa.

7. Root For Beautiful Hands

Every part in our body speaks something about our beauty and so our hands do.  It is very important to maintain beautiful hands.  Try to massage your hands and palms with creams.  Give your hands the same treatment that you give to your face.  Apply sunscreen when you are out into the sun.  If you have dark hands, use home remedies to treat them. 

8. Add More Greens To Your Diet

What we eat has a great effect on how we look.  The food we take in every day is the seed that we plant for our outer beauty.  So, eat foods that enhance your beauty rather than that enhance the fat content in your body.  Green vegetables fall into the category of foods that enhances the beauty from the core. Vitamin K present in green vegetables reduces the bruising and Lycopene present in tomatoes protects the skin from UV rays.

9. Time To Fish

Do you like fishing?  If so!  Go to a fishing spot where you will find Salmon fish.  Salmon fish has great benefits for our body, skin and hair.  Try to eat oily fishes twice in a week to get benefited by them.

10. Workout

Workout plays a vital role in enhancing our body.  The routine workout will keep you fit no matter what age you are in.  Try to work out every day at least for 45 minutes to flush the fat in your body.  Your figure speaks a lot too.

So, these are the simple tips that will drive you in the ways of your youthful days. Happy youthful days ahead!


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