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7 Best Fruits for Glowing Skin
Aug 09, 2016
7 Best Fruits for Glowing Skin

Fruits for Glowing Skin 

Having a glowing skin that too in present days is an impossible task and even if we do have, maintaining such an awesome skin is not an easy matter.  There are many ways to have a glowing skin like face packs, creams, bleaches etc. 

But what everyone has to know is that all these products consist of total chemicals and they may cause side effects like rashes or adverse effects that will also waste money.  Even if it is not the matter of money but what we are trying to maintain by having so much effort, is the glowing skin.

Now let us have some points where without using such chemical products we can also gain glowing skin by just eating some kind of fruits that will make you a glowing fame.  All artificial products will cause the only face to glow, but whatever we are trying to tell you will make your whole body glow. 

The fruits that we eat will help us improving our skin appearance and will also maintain that glow forever. The contents that are available in those fruits will give glowing skin. Now let us see some of the fruits that will make skin look glowing and youthful.


Oranges consist of vitamin C and it will slow the process of aging by making the collagen collapsing slowly and reduce blemishing.  Along with its juicy and pulpy taste, its peel will also help in this process its peel also makes the oily skin be fresh. 

Now the process is like the peel should be made dry, keeping them in the sun and then make them powder and apply it to face as a natural pack by mixing some water.  This will control oil production in the skin and to make skin glow and look young.


Avocados contain vitamin B7 which is known as Biotin and vitamin E.  Vitamin B7 will lubricate skin and regenerate cells.  Vitamin E is the protector of skin and also hair.   It will the faster growth of hair and glow of the skin.



It contains an excess of vitamin C, even more than oranges.  It also consists of ascorbic acid that will help your immunity to boost up and make your aging slow down.  100 grams of kiwi will consist of 98 gm of vitamin C which is completely more than other citrus fruits.


They consist of antioxidants that will help in promoting skin glow and youthful skin.   In antioxidant fruits, pomegranate is the king.  By eating these fruits they will reverse free radical damage and will increase the collagen production.


It will contain hydroxyl acid which is called as salicylic acid and also vitamin C that will help in beautiful skin and in treating acne.  Hydroxyl acid will penetrate deep into the pores of skin and help in making the skin glow and prevent acne production, which will also help in preventing whiteheads and blackheads.


Plums are more fibrous foods and they will help in solving a possible problem known as constipation which is the main reason for acne because when the wastes are not eliminated from the body, they will get mixed up in the blood stream and it will cause acne. So by taking plum which is a fibrous food will control all these problems.


Banana intake will moisturize skin and hydrates it.  It consists of vitamin A, B, and E.  It will reduce blemishing and wrinkles and remove blackouts. It can also be applied topically and this will also help in moisturizing even externally.  Just take a little bit of banana and rub it on the skin and clean it after 10 minutes.


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