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Is Water spa And Hydrotherapy Same
Jul 31, 2016
Is Water spa And Hydrotherapy Same

Is Water spa And Hydrotherapy Same


Hydro means water and therapy mean remediation of a health problem, all together you might have got an idea that water is going to do the magic here. Yes, scientists were always curious about water, it is the real elixir that made the life possible, nearly two third of living space on earth is water, the human body is 80% water.

As human body consist 80% of water, we can clearly say that water is an essential factor not only on earth but also to our body.

Many people think that they are not having time for any kind of baths, however, preferable we need to take our time for relaxation which includes health and beauty benefits.

All these facts simply point to the fact that water is simply a miracle. We couldn’t wind up a day without water, an average human must drink 8 glasses a day according to some local myth but the fact is that drink as much as your body need.

So this chemical composition can do some more wonders on us. Have you ever imagined water been used to cure diseases? Well, it’s actually fact and known by the name hydrotherapy.

At present this therapy is being utilized for the treatment of rheumatic arthritis along with accompanied problems and some other local physical illnesses, but scientists are still optimistic that water hydrotherapy could heal much more disease.

How does it work?

The technique is very simple exploiting the body’s response to temperature stimuli’s. Hot and cold water is used here in such a way that the receptors on the skin get a massaging feel which carries a soothing information via nerves to the brain thus releasing hormones that could help in enhancing the metabolism and as well as blood circulation.

The water has a natural buoyancy force which helps the body to float, along with which mild cold water either propelled or bubbled gives such an imperial feel to the nerve receptors completely putting the body onto a state of calmness. This would also help the muscles to ease of thus ensuring proper blood circulation to all parts of the body.

Hydrotherapy and illnesses

Here are a list medical conditions that can be consulted and fixed using a hydrotherapy.

·        Colds

·        Arthritis

·        Stress

·        Depression

·        Digestion problems

·        Stomach cramp’s

·        Post Menstrual Stress

·        Body Pain

·        Headaches and Migraines

·        Sleep deprivation

·        Joint Pain

·        Acne and other dermatological conditions.


Advantages of Hydrotherapy

·        No drugs or chemical agents:

In a hydrotherapy no chemical drugs, plant extractions, alkaloids or other substances are used thus ensuring no side effect.


·        Detoxification:

Hydrotherapy affects the detoxification metabolism, speeding up the whole reaction thereby discarding waste from body


·        Hydrates body:

Immersing body in water also hydrates the cell thus improves ion transportation and skin tone.


·        Loosens muscles:

During your time in the water, the soothing feeling makes some metabolic changes in the body resulting in loosening the muscles such that it gets proper blood flow.

·        Enhance Immunity:

The body takes in a healthy metabolic alteration, as a result, the immune system gets a booster and works in full swing.

Types of hydrotherapy

The term hydrotherapy is an umbrella for various strategies using water. There are many procedures followed in this therapy like natural shower, baths, contrast sitz bath, steam bath, steam inhalation, simultaneously hot and cold puffing, body wrapping in a hot towel, wet sheet immersion etc.

In water immersion, the whole body is immersed in hot or cold water depending on the condition being treated. If the patient is suffering from arthritis, joint pain, muscle aches, bad circulation etc.

Then hot therapy is been chosen such that it helps in relaxing the muscles and tissues on the body along with creating a provision for good circulation. Whereas of the patient are bruises, sprains, headaches, burns etc. then cold therapy has been chosen.

Is water spa and hydrotherapy same?

Well, in the context of working they might look similar but in the mode action, they are different. Water Spa and sauna are more for a pleasure massage having least medical value in comparison, whereas hydrotherapy has high is more onto healing illness.


Now it’s time for some hydrotherapy, why wasting money on chemical drugs which one way or another result in next disease? Just go with nature!


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