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5 Flat Iron Tips on Hair Care Dream
Aug 12, 2016
5 Flat Iron Tips on Hair Care Dream

Flat Iron Tips on Hair Care

Hair styling is a necessity for outings and parties, we all know that it's human behavior that no one is satisfied with what they have. Another reason behind the crazy use of hair straightening and curling tools is that you want a different look at each and every party.

It is true that these tools serve us with amazing looks and styles, but we cannot ignore the fact that the heat used in these tools is very harmful to the hairs. Flat iron is the most common tool which is used for the purpose of hair straightening; the sole thing you have to do is to pass your hairs through the heated rods of the iron.

But with the help of few techniques, it is possible to do hair styling with this tool and by reducing the harmful effect of the heat; these are discussed in the lines below:

Argan oil:

The curling and straightening the hairs with this tool is a cakewalk if you know the right technique of getting it done. But applying the heated rod directly on the hairs is not healthy for the hair as it damages the hairs more badly.

To reduce the adverse impact of heating you can apply argan oil on your hairs before applying this tool on the hairs. It provides protection to the hairs against the harmful heating rays that can make the hair dry and rough. A good quality of oil should be chosen because it assists in keeping the hair moisture level sound and do not let it dry after the heating therapy.

Manage the heat:

The heat of the rods should be made around 300 degrees because both more and less heat is not good for the hairs. If you keep the heat very higher, then there are chances of higher damage to the hair because it can affect the hairs suddenly with a high heat.

But keeping the heat lower than 300 can force you to repeat the process many times, which will harm equally as in the case of high heat. It will be a better option if you will choose an iron which has the feature of automatically adjusting the heat.

Avoid styling with damp hair:

Many people have a misconception that using the styling tool on damp hair gives a long lasting effect of curling or straightened hair but this concept is totally wrong.

But applying a hot iron on wet hairs damage the hair very badly and can result in split ends and rough hairs. Use the styling iron on hair when they are dry as wet hairs can lead to steam also which is totally a bad idea.

Clean rods:

While straightening or curling the hairs, people used to apply some kind of oil or gel on the hairs to keep the hair moisturized but when the heated rod move around them then these materials burn and get stuck with the rod.

After using the tool you generally forget to clean the tool, but when, after   few days, you use the tool again, then the tool will not work effectively and also harm the hairs. It is suggested to clean the rod after using it, but do this work when the rod cools down properly.

Divide the hair into smaller sections:

The smaller sections of hair are easier to straight as in one strike they get easily straight. This prevents you from repeating the same procedure again and again on the same area.

The hairs have to face less heat which prevents the hair from huge amounts of heat and therefore, the moisture of
the hairs is not completely lost which prevents the hair from drying.

Bottom Line

The advanced styling tools already have many features that prevent the hairs from being damaged but if you will take care of bits and bobs then you can reduce the probabilities of the amount of risk also.



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