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8 Ways To Take Care Of Your Hair
Aug 10, 2016
8 Ways To Take Care Of Your Hair

Hair care is a big question mark for more than half of the population as the right technique for maintaining healthy hair is still a confusing concept. But in reality hair care is not a Herculean task as a little improvement in the daily habits and a little care to the hair can make your hairs lovely.

Many people are at sea regarding the chemical loaded products as there are probabilities that if the wrong choice is made then you have to face damaged and weak hairs.

8 of the simple hair tips and techniques that can be employed to provide care to your hairs:

1. Clean the hairs properly:

It is very important to keep your hairs clean and hygienic as it is the first and foremost thing for obtaining healthy hairs. For the purpose of cleaning the hairs, it is important to use a shampoo with a good quality as bad quality can ruin the natural oils and shine of the hairs and give at least two-day gap for washing hairs or wash twice a week.

The shampoo which has the presence of parabens or sulphates can damage the hairs. At last, the shampoo you are using should suit your hair type, then only you can notice the effective and positive result.

2. Condition the hairs regularly:

Applying a conditioner after washing the hairs are very important as the natural oils are lost when the hairs are washed with shampoo. The conditioner has the capacity of moisturizing the hairs and helps the hair to gain essential oils and nutrients that can protect the hairs against external factors. But it is important to choose a conditioner that will suit your hair type and damage treatment.

3. Vinegar treatment:

Vinegar is an eatable substance which is an important ingredient for many food items, but it also has the amazing capacity of removing dandruff from the hairs. For this purpose, you have to take one part of vinegar with three parts of lukewarm water and wash your hair with this mixture before shampooing your hairs. After that, wash your hairs, as usual, you used to wash every day with your regular shampoo.

4. Moisturization:

The moisturization of hairs is a very important part of hair care, a mixture of almond, castor, olive, coconut and lavender oils in an equal amount is the best moisturizing natural oils for moisturization. Just apply this mixture four hours before taking the shower and after that wash your hairs.

5. Hair drying:

Almost half of the population opt a wrong technique of drying the hairs as they use blow dryers to get dry hairs instantly. It is better when you let your hair dry naturally because the hot air of the dryer damages the hair badly. After the shower, you can wrap your hairs in a cotton cloth because rough towel material can damage the hair.

6. Brushing the hairs:

Brushing is very important for keeping the hair tangle free and secondly, it promotes hair growth, but a lot of brushing can lead to hair damage. When the hairs are wet it is said to use wide-tooth hair brush as it prevents hair damage.

7. Trim your hairs:

When the split ends develop in the hairs it causes hair fall and also stops the hair growth so it is said to trim the hairs after 3-4 weeks of time interval then only you can keep the damaged hair away and enjoy healthy hairs.

8. Hair styling:

Hair styling is very common these days, hair straightening, hair curling, and many others are techniques very popular. But the equipment’s employed to achieve these objectives emit a lot of heat to the hairs which can damage your hairs. It is recommended to use these tools after a reasonable time interval and not frequently.

Bottom line:

If you use these simple techniques together with a healthy and correct food diet, then nothing can become a barrier between you and healthy hairs.


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