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Hair and Skin Care for Swimmers
Aug 12, 2016
Hair and Skin Care for Swimmers

Swimmers Hair Care and Beauty

A proper and reasonable care is required by the hairs and skin of each and every person on this planet but when it comes to the care of these things for the people who are highly active like the athletes and swimmers then a special and more care should be served as their hair damage frequently. Especially, in case if you are a swimmer then you have to move in the water vigorously so the water strikes your body and hairs that can cause damage to your delicate skin and hair. 

First, have a look at the tips and techniques that will assist in skin care of the swimmers are mentioned in the next lines:

Provide protection:

The water of the pool or lake or sea or pond is rich in contents of chlorine or salt which damage the skin and makes them dry. It is suggested to apply a sunscreen lotion all over the exposed body parts before entering the water.

The sunscreen is also chosen after considering the important factors and make sure that the product you are using is oil and sweat free. The long lasting lotions with contents to Vitamin A, C and E are the best options because they provide all day long protection and moisturization to the skin. 

Body wash:

After swimming the body wash you use should be rich in contents of petrolatum and glycerin and have a mild soap content. The body wash, which has these features provides amazing moisture to the skin that will help you in regaining the moisture you lose while swimming in chlorine-rich water. 


Care after swimming:

After swimming, a chlorine-rich layer covers your body so it is important to take a shower with lukewarm water that will remove this chlorine from the body. Once the chlorine layer is washed away, then apply a reasonable amount of moisturising lotion all around the body which will bring your smooth skin back. 

The hair care is more important than skin care for the swimmers so few techniques which can help you in avoiding the hair damage are discussed as under:

        Pre-swimming preparations:

As you know the contents of salt damages the skin by making it dry, in the same manner, it also damages the hairs of a person. It is very important to wash your hair with conditioner which has contents of sun protecting elements and moisturising particles. The pre-application of this conditioner protects your hair against the damage that can be caused due to the exposure of chemical and sunlight.

·        Protection in water:

For the purpose of protecting your hair against the damage that can be caused by water you can comb your hair with a little amount of oil and wear swim cap that will protect against the direct exposure of water. 

·        Home remedies:

To moisturise your hairs there are many home remedies which can assist in gaining the natural shine of the hairs back and also help in their recovery. A hair pack prepared by mixing honey and egg yolk together is very powerful in the field of delivering nutrition to the hairs, keep this pack for 30 minutes on your hairs and then wash it off.

·        Don't let your hair act as a sponge:

The dry hairs act as a sponge when soaked in water because they have the capacity of absorbing water quickly. When you get in the water directly with dry hairs & your hairs absorb chlorine-rich water that affects your hairs adversely. But there is a technique of avoiding this issue, just make your hair a little wet, so that the hair's absorbing capacity decreases.


Swimming is an awesome relaxing therapy that always deliver positive results to the hairs and skin, but when you are going regularly, whether, in a chemical treated pool or salt-induced lake, you have to take mentioned measures so that the damage can be avoided. 


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