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How to Cut Your Own Hair
Jan 02, 2017
How to Cut Your Own Hair

You needn’t spend a lot of money on a haircut in case you recognize the way to provide yourself one.

Learn how to cut your own Hair

In case you turn out to be feeling like you can have completed a higher process, cutting your own hair each time you visit the salon and spend a bomb, then this article is for you. If you’re deft together with your hands, then right here is a way to reduce hair at home:

What you’ll need:

A mirror

A Scissors

A Spray bottle

A Comb

Before you begin:

Make sure that your hair is a bit wet due to the fact then the strands will form of stick collectively, making it less complicated a good way to reduce your hair. Your hair has to be freshly washed and conditioned

The way to cut approximately it:

It’s easier to reduce your hair if you divide it into sections. Use a Bobby pin to hide the strands of hair and reduce from backside to top.

Once you’ve achieved the look with your hair moist, dry it to look if it looks like what you need.

2 easy hairstyles in case you’re interested about how to cut your own hair:

1: How to cut Bangs

Tie and again low ponytail in order that your hair is out of the manner. Now, flatten your bangs with a comb.

Insert the nice comb under your bangs and pull them down to the factor in which you need them to the touch your forehead. Vertically hold the scissors and cut your bangs below the comb. Start at the center of your fringe and reduce closer to the outer left nook. That finished, start again in the center of your bangs and trim closer to the right.

Now, insert the brush once more into your bangs and pull it downward to reduce the outer left facet of your fringe. Maintain the scissors at a 45 diploma perspective.

Use the identical steps to trim the proper side of your bangs.

Use your hands to examine that your bangs are even and in the right location, you want them to be.

Pro-Tip: Bangs can get greasier quick. You could ensure that your bangs are smooth without washing your hair completely by using a brief shampoo routine. Pantene seasoned-V Silky easy Care Shampoo is one of the great bets as it will give your bangs an easy and glossy effect!

Learn how to style your bangs with the help of those pointers via reward Me.

2: A way to cut Your Hair In Layers

Make sure your hair is dry and untangled.

Acquire the hair at the pinnacle before bending to comb hair inside the path ahead. Make a ponytail on the front with this segment, relaxed with an elastic band and then stand upright.

Move the ponytail down till it is about 2 inches from the stop of your ponytail.

Now cut off the end of the ponytail.To maintain your hair from loosening keep it at the elastic band. Now, with the resource of a couple of scissors, reduce just above the plastic. Give your hair a terrific shake.

That’s how to cut your very own hair in layers!


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