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How To Get Rid Of Upper Lip Hair Naturally
Aug 13, 2016
How To Get Rid Of Upper Lip Hair Naturally

Facial hair is a common characteristic found in humans, both male, and female. While the facial hair like eyebrows, eyelashes are common to both, males develop extra facial hair in the form of mustache and a beard.

Mostly, the facial hair growth is triggered in both male and female during the time of puberty and after. While it is typical of men having hair over lips and chin, it is a characteristic of over hormonal production in females.

The facial hair on men is a secondary characteristic for sexual maturity and puberty. But in women, unwanted facial hair in the areas of lips and chin is called Hirsutism and is caused by unusual hormonal differences.

Social Indifference

Women having unwanted facial hair face the social stigma and are pressurized to remove the unwanted hair. While hormonal imbalance can be a common cause, an extremely rare genetic disorder known as hypertrichosis can be another reason for unwanted facial hair growth in women. These women are extremely disapproved in the society.

From the early 13th century till date, women with unwanted facial hair like beards and mustaches have been showcased in freak shows and circuses. Hence many women opt to methods like shaving, tweezing or depilating the extra facial hair.

Generally, women have fine or peach colored short and fine hair over the lips and on the chin, upper body, stomach, or flipside. If the hair in these areas is dark and coarse, then the condition Hirsutism is said to be set in.

In medicine

In terms of medicine, Hirsutism is harmless, but it can be a symptom of many diseases in women especially. The common cause of Hirsutism in women is PCOS or polycystic ovarian syndrome, which is in turn associated with menstrual problems, trouble losing weight, and diabetes.

Other rare causes that can cause Hirsutism are a tumor in adrenalin gland or ovaries, Cushing syndrome, congenital adrenal hyperplasia or hyperthecosis.

The treatment for this condition can be done in two ways: temporarily at home or at any cosmetic clinics or permanently under the supervision of a skin specialist. While the temporary methods are natural; the permanent method includes a laser treatment which is considered to be very dangerous if not properly supervised.

Solutions for Removing Unwanted Lip Hair Naturally

For the modern day teens or youngsters, facial hair is a disaster and that which is mainly on the lips.  A best and safest way for unwanted lip hair is to conceal them using bleach. It is a painless solution to make the lip hair disappear.

For all the solutions, while using creams or bleaches, care should be taken into account and should be tested on the arm first to see if the cream or bleach doesn’t give us rashes. A patch test, as it called, should be done a day prior to the use.

The temporary methods for removing unwanted lip hair can last only for a period of two to three weeks or in some cases, the results can last till a month or two. Also, the temporary methods vary from the usage of creams to applying more natural methods like home remedies.

Facial hair bleach is an option to conceal the unwanted lip hair in a painless way. The bleach can be obtained in cream form or liquid form and when applied for the prescribed amount of time, turns the lip hair into light color making it unnoticeable but the results only lasts for a week or two.

But there are risks in using this method, as the bleach is left on the skin for a longer time than the prescribed time, can cause irritation, itching or rashes and sometimes even burns the skin.

A depilatory is a cream and is another method which just removes the unwanted lip hair. The chemicals present in the cream result in the damage of the follicle root and make it easy to remove. The cream has a foul smell generally.

As the cream has chemicals, it is very likely that the usage of the cream for a longer time than prescribed can burn the skin badly. The results in this method last for only two to three weeks.

Another temporary method for lip hair removal is waxing. Waxing is a very painful method, where a thin layer of sticky substance like concentrated sugary syrup or wax is spread across the unwanted hair. Later, a strip of heavy paper with a grip is placed and is pulled or ripped in an opposite direction in one single attempt.

This is a very painful method but the result lasts for more than a month.  This can be done in a salon or at home. But at times, the waxing method done at home can turn messy and cause harm.

Another painful way but a temporary method to remove lip hair is to use an epilator. An epilator now – a – days is available as a handheld gadget for removing unwanted hair on legs but for lip hair, epilators are small handheld devices that pull out hair from the root when moved across the skin. Epilating of lip hair is possible only when the lip hairs are long enough for the epilator surface to catch and remove them.

Also, tweezers are another way, where a pair of tongs is used to catch the lip hair and pluck them manually from the root. Shaving with a razor is another method, though unconventional, is used to remove lip hair.

Apart from all these methods, there are natural ways or home remedies for the removal of unwanted lip hair. They are as follows. 

A mixture of turmeric and milk in equal quantities mixed and applied on the lip hair and should be applied gently. After the mixtures dry out, washing with cold water and repeating the process for 3 – 4 weeks gives out good results.

The same mixture above, instead of milk can be done with water too and the mixture should be left on the skin for half an hour and wash it off with cold water. The process if repeated for 3 – 4 weeks result in no new hair growth over lips.

The above methods are said to give quicker and better results.

Another good way of unwanted lip hair removal is to use egg whites. One egg white mixed with some corn flour and sugar and whisked to a sticky paste can be a good remedy. This mixture is to be applied over the lip and should dry for 30 minutes and be peeled.

If this process is repeated twice to thrice a week, best results can be seen within a month.

Chana dal or gram flour is a great ingredient used in Indian homes not only for culinary purpose but also as a beautifying agent. The gram flour, when mixed simply with turmeric or yogurt, and turmeric and made into a paste, is a great remedy for lip hair.

This mixture should be left to dry out for minimum 15 to 20 minutes after applying and should be washed off with cold water all the while rubbing gently in the opposite direction of hair growth. This process will subdue gradually the lip hair and its further growth.

Sugar is a great home remedy for lip hair. This can be used to prepare sugar wax at home. Apart from a simple sugar mixture, sugar mixed with water and lemon syrup and made into a concentrated mixture also helps in removal of unwanted lip hair.

While these are very conventional methods, there is an unconventional method called threading.
This method is gaining popularity among youngsters and is a widely used method in salons and parlors. 


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