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How To Revive Damaged Hair Follicles with Simple Tips
Jun 06, 2016
How To Revive Damaged Hair Follicles with Simple Tips

How To Revive Damaged Hair Follicles with Simple Tips

Hairs are an essential ornament and apple of one's eye that adds up beauty to one's personality, but half of the population is suffering from the trouble of hair damage and later on hair fall.

Without interpreting the cause behind the hair fall and at a loss they start using a variety of products that makes fake promises of getting rid of it within 4 weeks and so on. But, no one even try to cross check it that- Is it actually figures out?

If you carry out a survey then you will find that maximum time these products are fake and damage your hair even more than it was before as they want the axe to grind. You may ask-"How the hair follicle damage can be stopped?"

The techniques that can assist in blocking off the hair follicle damage are as follows:

• Use hygienic hair tools:

In the daily rush of the life, one of the biggest mistakes that are made by maximum people is to forget cleaning of the hair tools including towel, comb, hair rollers and hair straighteners.

The use of these tools on the hairs will damage the hairs and may clog the pores and even scalp irritation. Hence, the hair tools you are using should be in an apple pie order to avoid hair follicle damage.

• Ignore heat:

If you are a sun bath lover then you should opt certain measures to avoid hair damage. Mostly, people used to apply sun protection lotion on the skin, but forget to protect their hair.

Always try to use a lotion that helps to prevent the hairs from sun damage and make sure that it is applied before taking a sun bath.

• Ignore to tie the hairs tightly:

The hair follicles are also damaged if you regularly tie your hair tightly. If you want to avoid this damage, then ignore the hairstyles in which the hairs are tightly compacted.

• Avoid frequent use of hair colors:

The hair colors applied on the hairs to get different shades of hairs which are a fashion these days contained a pile of chemicals. To walk with the fashion trends, you forget that your hairs are delicate and regular usage of these chemicals containing products can damage the hair follicles.

• Do not use dry shampoo:

The frequent usage of dry shampoo to clean the hairs makes the scalp dry and it damages the hair follicles. To avoid this damage try to avoid the shampoo that is dry in nature and uses a shampoo that is inert.

• Healthy Diet:

A diet that has ample content of Vitamin A, C and E should be included in the regular diet to get healthy and shiny hairs. A plenitude of water should also be included in the regular diet to avoid the damage of hair follicles.

What you consume affects the skin and hair directly and hence, to opt a balanced diet is indispensable for healthy hairs.

• Take care of the scalp:

When you shampoo your hairs it generally cleanses the hairs only but what about the scalp. You forget that the follicles of the hairs are attached to the scalp and if the scalp is healthy, then only the hair fall can be averted.

To dilute the chances of hair follicle damage, the scalp should be regularly massaged with essential oils to avoid dry scalp.  

• Take the doctor's opinion:

If you are suffering from hair follicle damage, then consult a doctor as soon as possible to avert further damage. The niacin and biotin supplements are to be consumed on a regular basis as they are reckoned well for the treatment of hair follicle damage.

Chew the cud and understand that hair follicle damage can be prevented with the application of these simple things which may test your patience but it works with any further side effects. The underestimation of small matters may lead to hair damage and if you have a desire to avoid the damage you first opt these habits in your daily life.


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