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5 Easiest Methods to Remove Unwanted Hair Color from Hair
Jun 27, 2016
5 Easiest Methods to Remove Unwanted Hair Color from Hair

Do you want to remove your hair dye from your hair as you feel that it is not the suitable shade or to make it look natural?

5 Easiest Methods to Remove Unwanted Hair Color or Dye from Hair

Then, there are few simple methods through which you can carefully remove your hair dye. Following these methods will definitely help you. If you don’t follow the right method and do your own tricks on hair, it may lead to complete damage of the hair.

So, go through the below listed out useful and easy techniques to remove off your hair color. Among them choose the methods that you can do and follow it to shade off your hair color quickly.

Techniques to Remove Hair Dye from Hair

1. Use Anti-Dandruff Shampoo:

The anti-dandruff shampoo is the best way or option if you want to remove your hair color. Many of us don’t know about this right? But, it has the capacity on working on this type of semi-permanent hair dyes.

But to get the results, you need to wash your hair with this shampoo at least two times. When you follow this technique to remove hair color, it is a must that you need to use a hair conditioner and the reason behind this is, using anti-dandruff shampoo when removing hair color can make your hair damage. So, do use conditioner for sure.

2. Use Bath Salts:

Using bath salts is another great option. Don’t worry about it you can use it as it contains Epsom salt and sodium carbonate which can help in removing the unwanted hair dye from hair.

This method works for semi-permanent hair dyes if used. To use this method start by drawing a bath, add some bath salts to it and then immerse your hair in that water.

Leave it as much as the time it is possible. If your hair has lots of pigmentation then, leaving it for a long time will help out to fade of the color. This is one of the affordable and easy ways to remove the hair dye from hair.

3. Make Use of Bleach:

Using bleach is a very common method for removing the hair dye that few people know. But, it is the harshest method as it may make your hair damage. So, it is better to use this method only as the last option i.e., when other methods don't work out.

It is better to use this technique when you want to remove permanent hair color from your hair. Don’t apply bleaching on the hair that is already lightened as it can lead to severe damage. So, remember these points and be careful if you want to use bleach for removing the unwanted hair color.

4. Vitamin C Treatment

Vitamin C treatment should be used for removing the semi-permanent hair dyes and it works out well. To start this method all you need to do is, mix some shampoo and effervescent vitamin C tablets. Use 1 or 2 tablets which are of 1000 mg of each one.

Instead of these tablets, you can also use 1 or 2 grams of the vitamin C powder. But, the better thing is to go with tablets as they work well than powder. So, mix these crushed tablets with shampoo well and apply the paste on your hair. Make sure that every strand of the hair is covered thoroughly.

After that leave it for a maximum time of 20 minutes and then wash off your hair. This is also a simple method which can give you effective results if your hair is covered with the paste properly.

5. Use Color Removers

Last but not least, Color removers are available in the market easily and they are a great option for removing off the permanent dye color from your hair. Generally, there are two types of color removers which are named as color strippers and color reducers.

Among them using color reducers is the best option as they do very little damage to your hair. On the other side, the color strippers will work like bleach so it is better to avoid color strippers and go with the color reducers.

With color reduces only the dye will fade off and natural color of the hair will not be affected. While using color removers, make sure that you follow all the instructions mentioned by the manufacturer on the pack carefully.

These are very best and effective home prepared methods that you can use to remove off the unwanted hair color and you need not visit expensive hair salons for these hair color removal treatment.

Make sure that you know the type of hair you have and pick up correct technique mentioned here and this will do less damage to your hair. Also don’t forget to use the hair conditioner after you use any of these methods to get smooth as well as shiny hair. Follow these instructions carefully and use any of the methods and remove the unwanted dye from your hair when you want.

Actually removing the hair color from hair is a great hassle and it even needs a great amount of patience. So, next time when you wanted to remove the hair dye when you want to use other color or when you don’t like the color just try any of these methods and this will definitely help you out and take proper care.

Make use of them very carefully as instructed to you otherwise, it may give you few adverse effects on the hair such as making hair dryness, roughness and hair fall etc.

Hope, this post will be definitely helpful for those people who wanted to change their hair color frequently or who wanted to remove off the hair color at home.

5 Easiest Methods to Remove Unwanted Hair Color or Dye from Hair


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