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Top 15 Trendy Puffy Hairstyles
Feb 10, 2017
Top 15 Trendy Puffy Hairstyles

It is a gospel truth that women’s “Crowning glory” is their best beauty asset.  Women love to try different hairdos with their hair.  They always try to keep up with the Joneses in trying different hairdos.  There is a legion of new hairdos that are going viral these days.  No matter how many new hairdos come and go, pony hairdo is one hairdo that created a trend for being a long time style of hairdo. 
There are many new trends of hairdos added to the pony from time to time.  A new trendy that is associated with the pony is puff.  The puffy hairstyle associated with the pony is very much appreciated by people these days.  It has now become viral on the internet too. 
The ponytail is a very simple hairdo that even a kid can try it.  It is considered as an easy-to-tie hairdo that serves us as a time savior at busy times.  The ponytail is not at all associated with age.  People of any age can tie their hair as a pony.  It looks good on everyone. 
This puffy pony will go well on college going girls.  As most of the people are suffering from hair loss problem these days, styling hair as a puff can help cover the thin hair and makes it look voluminous. Let us see different hairdos that include puffy ponytails.

1. Back Puff With Side Bangs

This hair is styled very simply in this hairdo.  Earlock your side bags.  Take the hair next to the bangs and puff it as you always do with normal hair.  Now tie your hair with a band in pony style.  Make sure that your hair is straightened.  The straightened hair looks good with this hairdo as the hair gives sharp looks.  The hair that is ear locked gives a trendy look to the entire hairdo.

2. Teased Clean Pony

For this hairdo, we take more hair to puff.  The hair is puffed back in normal fashion and the entire hair is tied as a pony.  This hairdo goes well with short frocks.  This hairdo suits for all trendy occasions.

3. Messy Puffed Up Pony

As the name suggests messy, to give it a natural look, less combing of hair is recommended.  Take front bangs and give them a messy look.  Puff your hair in a messy fashion and tie it as a pony.  Messy looks grab good attention from people. 

4. Bumped Up Pony

This hairdo needs no hair bands to tie pony.  Your hair is used as a band to tie it as a pony.  Style your hair with one-sided bangs.  Earlock little side bangs and tie few other side bangs into the pony. 
Puff your remaining hair as you always do.  Now, tie the entire hair using some part of your hair.  To make it look little trendy and cute, use a headband after you are done with styling your hairdo.  This hairdo is one of the trendiest hairdos in our list.

5. Bouffant Hairdo With Short Front Bangs

This hairdo has few front bangs styled in the usual fashion.  Don’t ear lock these front bangs?  Don’t pin them either.  Leave them freely.  Now it’s the turn of remaining hair.  Take a huge amount of hair and puff make a huge puff out of it.  When you are done with your puff, tie the entire hair with a band.  This hairdo compliments you more when the occasion is a party.

6. Crunched Up Puffy Pony


In this hairdo, most of the hair is styled as a puff and then the entire hair is tied as a pony.  This hairdo goes well on red carpets.  This hairdo exhibits killer looks. 

7. Messy Puffed Up Low Pony


Do you have a long hair?  Do you want to style your hair trendily with puffs and ponies?  If so, this hairdo is the best style that suits your tastes.  All you need to have is a long hair.  Don’t comb your hair too much.  Let it look messy.  For best looks, don’t use a comb.  Use your fingers to style this hairdo.  First, start with your bangs.  Let them slide on the sides of your face in a messy fashion.  Now, it’s time to puff your hair.  Puff your hair by keeping in mind that it should be messy at its best.  After you are done with your puff, tie your entire hair with your hair itself.  Don’t use a hair band.  This messiness gives a very trendy look to your hair. 

8. Puffed Clean Pony

This hairdo goes well with people who are having thick hair.  This hairdo requires a huge amount of hair to be puffed in order to give it the right look.  Leaving no space for side bangs and front bangs, the entire hair from the forehead is puffed and styled as a pony.

9. Side Puffed Pony 


This hairdo is very new as the side hair is puffed instead of front hair.  Bangs play a vital role in this hairdo.  The bangs are styled from one side to the other and half of the bang is ear locked leaving all the other small bangs.  Now the remaining hair is diverted to the side and puffed.  The entire hair is tied with a band.  To make it look more trendy, tie your hair at different places with bands. 

10. Knotted Puffed Low Pony


In this hairdo, the hair is puffed and knotted.  The hairdo also comes into the category of messy hairdos.  The pony instead of being tied up; it is knotted little lower than usual. 

11. The Victorian Touch


As the name resembles, this hairdo gives a rich look to the people who carry it.  The hair shade in “just black” color is the best-suited color for this type of hairdo.  This hairdo is full of side bangs left on the face and huge puff on the back with a low pony at the end.  This hairdo gives an absolute rich look to the hair.  

12. Puffed Crown With A Bun 


This hairdo is named for its classiness.  This hairdo goes well with occasional that are formal.  The hair is puffed at the center and the remaining hair is knotted with a bun.  The front bangs are divided at the center and left them freely on the face. 

13. Puffy Hairdo With Curly Ponytail And Side Bangs 


This hairdo gives a stylish look to the face.  This hairdo is complimented with side bangs.  The hair is puffed at the back and the hair is styled as a pony.  The pony is styled in curls.  This hairdo gives cute looks as the hair is styled in curls.  The curls make hair look voluminous and bouncy.

14. Puffed Fishtail Braid

Fishtail hairdo is very much appreciated by people as it gives both trendy come traditional look.  This fishtail braid is complimented with a puff to make it look trendy.  This hairdo goes well with people who have short to medium size hair.  Instead of keeping your hair clean, give it a messy look so that it looks trendier. 

15. Half Pin Curl Puff With Braids

The bangs in the front are curled in half pin style.  Puff your hair at the back and style your hair in the form of a braid.  Do it exactly like a French braid.  This hairdo will go well with long haired people.

These are the best puffy-pony hairdos that are going viral around the world.  If you want to style your hair trendy, then you can simply use the above puffy-pony styles to style your hair.


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