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Ways to Keep Your Hair Color Last Longer and Fresher
Feb 10, 2017
Ways to Keep Your Hair Color Last Longer and Fresher

No one wants to get wash away their hair color soon after they spend a penny on it. When you hair is dyed the pigments are under your hair strands and if anything that lifts off the hair shaft’s cuticle allow the pigments particles to escape and fades it. 

The biggest reason for this is H2O i.e., plain water dilutes these pigments and makes your hair fade faster. So, we would suggest you some pigment protecting tips and ways in this article that helps to protect your hair color last longer as well as fresher. You can know them from the below information.

1. Pick the Right Product

The hair color product that you have chosen for your hair must be compatible with your hair and lifestyle i.e., it should be closer to the original hair color so that the roots don’t peep out soon. Thus, if the roots are less obvious, the hair color doesn’t fade out soon.

Better go for professional hair dyes that last long and avoid going for red as they fade faster because the crimson pigment molecules are large when compared to black and brown. They are also most unstable.

2. Pick the Right Shampoo and Conditioner

Consider your hair as valuable as your face and use the shampoo as well as a conditioner that contain color protecting ingredients that are tailored to your shade. Traditional products and sulfate free shampoos work well for this and they don’t take away the color.

Traditional products work by sealing the hair cuticle whereas sulfate free shampoos remove excess impurities and sebum without fading the hair color. It is better no to use clarifying shampoo only the day before coloring your hair and not after often. They can be used only once a while. Also, avoid styling products that are alcohol based as they speed up the fading process especially in summer.

3. Shampoo Less Frequently

Washing your hair frequently fades your hair color faster. Regular shampooing makes your hair strands to swell and fades off color slowly. So, try washing less frequently and only when it is necessary i.e., to remove the grease and dirt from the hair.

If you would like to wash your hair regularly invest in shampoos that can deposit dye on your hair i.e., color enhancing shampoos. They keep your hair fresh as long as possible.

4. Conditioning the Hair

Before and after the hair coloring you hair must be conditioned well as hair coloring makes your hair dry. Conditioning makes your hair soft, bright as well as shine making it last long and protect it from any damage or brittleness which are caused by chemicals in the color.

You need to condition the hair immediately after the shampoo using a good conditioner and leave it for 10 minutes and then rinse off. Use high SPF conditioner when you are on the chilling beach or in a tanning bed and it protects your hair strands from harmful UV rays and chlorine over there.

5. Use a Protecting Hat

When you are outdoors in the sun for long hours, it is better using sun hat. It protects your hair from those elements that avoid forming of free radicals, molecules or atoms that lead to fading.

When you are in the swimming pool or beach, use shower caps that can protect your hair from chlorine.

6. Add up a Glaze

The glaze is a great way to protect your hair color from fading out so, apply a base shade of glaze before the shower and it will bring out the most from your hair color making it shine and bright. It is easy to apply at your home so try a clear glaze or easy-to-apply colored.

7. Don’t Over Color

Do not try to re-color your hair once after few days of coloring i.e., until and unless the color fades off. It just ends up your penny through re-dying or coloring. If you still want to do it, go for natural colors.

You can also use layered colors instead as they prevent the faded look and gives a fresh look and lasts longer with various shades.

8. Keep Water Cool

Don’t use warm water to wash your hair or steaming as they definitely will have an effect on your strands. When water is warm the hair structure will relax and allows the color pigments to escape. So, better use cool or lukewarm water to wash your hair as they don’t fade your hair soon.

9. Use a Shower Master

As we have read, the biggest reason for hair color fading is water. If you can’t avoid it frequently and lessen the damage don’t stand directly under the shower. Instead, it is better to use a filter for your shower as they help in cutting down minerals like lime or iron which have an adverse affect on the hair color.

Off all deep conditioning, your hair after a hair dye puts off from the damage and this works well.

These are the different ways to protect your hair color from fading out quickly as well as make it look fresher. So, try them out before and after the hair dye as suggested and see the utmost positive results from it.


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