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What are the Causes for Premature Grey Hair
Feb 10, 2017
What are the Causes for Premature Grey Hair

Hairs act as an icing on the cake in the face of a person and this makes everyone secured about them. But, there are two big issues that destroy the beauty of the hairs before attaining the older age are; premature greying of the scalp and facial hair.

Premature greying of scalp

Greying of the scalp is natural after a certain age and cannot be ignored by anyone. But these days the scalp is greying at a young age and this problem is referred as premature greying of the scalp. This problem arises due to a variety of reasons that are explained in the following lines.

• The biggest reason behind the occurrence of this problem is heredity. In simple words, it can be genetic and the genes carry this issue from one generation to another.

• The excessive use of tobacco and smoking not only affects the health of a person but is affecting the hairs equally.

• The symptoms of ageing arise due to emotional stress because it increases the pace of growing old.

• The scarcity of various nutrients in the body such as vitamins, iron, copper and iodine in the daily diet of a person.

• The presence of various diseases, including anaemia hypothyroidism and tuberous sclerosis, is also another reason.

• This problem can be solved at home only by taking certain at home only. Some of the remedies are as under:

• The curry leaves are boiled in water and then this water is induced. The presence of vitamin B helps in restoring the black colour of the hairs. The leaves are mixed with coconut oil and then massaged on the scalp also.

• A pack prepared with amla and fenugreek is very beneficial for hairs because amla has rich content of antioxidant vitamin C which has amazing anti-aging properties and fenugreek has content of nutrients, such as vitamin C, iron, potassium, lysine, L-tryptophan and alkaloids.

• A massage with black tea is very beneficial for the hairs and assists is solving this issue.

• Lemon juice is also beneficial when massaged by mixing with some ingredients like an onion.

Facial hair

The growing of unwanted hairs on the face is referred as facial hair and it destructs the beauty of the face. Everyone has some hairs on the face, but due to certain reasons, the growth of the hairs is more than the normal growth of hair. It may create an embarrassing situation for the people with unwanted hairs on the skin.

The following are some of the measures that help in getting rid of this problem is:

• Sugar and honey wax:

The application of sugar and honey wax on the skin removes the hairs at the blink of an eye. The wax can be prepared at home only and regular use of wax for removal of hairs decreases the growth of the hair.

• Chickpea flour:

The chickpea flour is applied on the face that will help in exfoliating the skin and hair by removing the dead ones. The flour is easily available and helps in lightening the tone of the skin.

• Spearmint tea:

One of the main reason for the growth of hairs is a hormone called androgen. The consumption of spearmint tea is very helpful for controlling the production of this hormone.

• Lemon juice and honey:

Lemon juice and honey are sticky and hence, helps in the removal of fine hairs from the skin also. Honey also has amazing anti-aging properties and lightens the tone of the skin.

• Egg, sugar and corn flour:

The face pack prepared with mixing egg, sugar and corn flour is an effective remedy for the removal of dense and fine hair on the skin.

Bottom Line:
Hairs are one of the important elements for enhancing the beauty of a person. If you have some issue with the hairs then you can be a standing joke among the crowd. This makes it very important to get rid of the issue at short notice.


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