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6 Benefits of Lemon For Hair Growth
Feb 09, 2017
6 Benefits of Lemon For Hair Growth

As we all know lemon juice is an incredible dandruff buster. However,  do you recognize that lemon’s wealthy dietary price makes it a superior method to a number of different hair troubles, too?

Lemon for hair increase has been a depended on factor to fight the most dreaded enemies of hair increase – dandruff and hair fall. Wealthy in nutrition C and diet B, Folic Acid, and minerals like phosphorus, magnesium, and calcium make it the correct solution for voluminous, wholesome hair.

And there are more reasons why lemon for hair is strongly advocated

• The wealthy source of nutrition C makes hair long and sturdy

• It strengthens hair follicles, thereby lowering hair fall

• It incorporates a compound known as Limonene which provides lifestyles to stupid, frizzy hair

• Lemon has anti-fungal residences that combat dandruff and different scalp fungal infections

• Lemon is acidic, which is powerful in cleaning the scalp of useless cells and other deposits

Use Lemon as an Anti-Dandruff mixture

#1 Lemon Juice Hair remedy

• Squeeze the juice of half a freshly reduce, ripe lemon and massage on hair and scalp for around 5 to 10 minutes.

• Leave it for ten greater mins, then wash off with a mild shampoo. You could use Head & Shoulders Lemon fresh, for an assured dandruff-free scalp with the introduced goodness of lemon as nicely!

Utilization: once every week

#2 Lemon Oil, Coconut Oil, and Camphor Oil

• Heat 2 tbsp of coconut oil and mix with 2 drops each of lemon and camphor oil.

• Lightly rub down for five to 10 minutes into scalp and depart overnight.

• Within the morning, cowl with a heated towel for ten mins.

• Wash hair with a moderate shampoo.

Use Lemon Juice as a Scalp Exfoliator

Lemon Juice and White Vinegar Scalp Exfoliator

• Mix measure up to amounts of lemon squeeze and white vinegar.

• Massage onto scalp 10 minutes.

• Wash off with a gentle cleanser.

Use Lemon For Hair boom

Treatment #1: Lemon Oil, Castor Oil, and Olive Oil

• Mix 1 tbsp lukewarm olive oil with ½ tbsp heat castor oil and 3 drops natural vital lemon oil.

• Massage properly into scalp and hair for five to ten minutes and depart overnight.

• In the morning, retain with the lemon juice hair therapy and wash using a natural shampoo.

Frequency: once every week.

Treatment #2: Lemon and Aloe Vera

• Mix 2 tbsp of fresh, herbal aloe vera gel with 1 tbsp fresh lemon juice. As an alternative, you could replace this with 3 tbsp aloe vera juice.

• Rub down for five mins on the scalp and hair with the aloe leaf.

• Wash off after 20 minutes

 Pro TIP: in case you don’t have 30 minutes for this hair care routine, you could additionally use Pantene pro-V Nature Fusion Smoothness and life which is a mix of evidently derived ingredients like Aloe Vera and Cassia Flower. Come up with hair a brand new existence with this shampoo!

Use Lemon Juice, more Virgin Olive Oil and Egg As A Moisturizing Hair mask

• Make a hair mask with the aid of mixing 1 egg with 1 tbsp olive oil and the juice of half lemon.

• Practice on hair and scalp and leave to dry.

• Wash off with smooth water.

4 guidelines & Precautions To hold In mind, even as the use of Lemon

• Freshly squeezed lemon juice is leading over packaged juice as it's miles freed from damaging preservatives.

• Lemon juice is acidic and immoderate use could make hair dry and brittle, so use carefully.

• Do no longer apply to open wounds or cuts.

• Lemon is also a bleaching agent so do not leave on for over 10 mins.


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