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Exquisite Hair Care Benefits of Guava Leaves
Feb 09, 2017
Exquisite Hair Care Benefits of Guava Leaves

Hair Care Benefits of Guava Leaves 

Guava, that scrumptious summer fruit, packs more than you would’ve ever guessed. And it’s not simply the fruit, but the leaves that we’re talking about. Did you know you can flaunt terrific hair with a few brilliant guava leaf remedies?

A bite of the delicious summer season fruit, guava, is enough to send you into raptures of satisfaction. Did you know that guava leaves are just as delicious in your hair too?

The leaves incorporate components that cause them to immensely beneficial for the health of your hair. Whether it’s treatment or sincerely deep nourishing, guava leaves blessings must be attempted to be believed.

10 benefits of the usage of Guava Leaves Extract in your Hair

#1 Save your Hair Loss

Washing your hair regularly with guava leaves, water has been regarded to slow down hair loss. The nutrition C present inside the leaves nourishes your roots and makes them stronger.

#2 Encourage Hair Growth

Guava leaves additionally work as a hair thickening agent. The nutrients B and C nourish hair follicles and assist in hair growth.

#3 Promote Scalp Health

Guava leaves are rich in analgesic, antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant homes. Massage the extract deeply into your scalp to keep greatest scalp fitness.

#4 Deal with Dandruff

Dandruff is the end result of a dry and itchy scalp. Guava leaves extract is going deep inside your scalp to nourish the skin and treat dandruff on the basis.

#5 Treat Break Up Ends

You can make a guava leaf hair p.c. By means of coarsely grinding the leaves and adding a teaspoon of honey. Coat your hair from root to tip with the paste and wash off with lukewarm water after 20 mins. Do that frequently to deal with split ends.

#6 Promote Healthier Hair

The vitamins found in guava leaves enhance collagen pastime which encourages a faster increase of healthier hair.

#7 Prevents Hair Damage

The antioxidants found in guava leaves combat unfastened radicals and save you hair damage.

#8 Protection From the Sun

Lycopene, every other guava leaf component, gives protection towards the solar’s ultraviolet rays.

#9 Improves Blood Circulate

Whilst you rub down the solution into your scalp, it improves blood circulate and deeply nourishes hair follicles, main to healthful hair.

#10 Cleanses and Purifies

Guava leaves extract works difficult at getting rid of dust and dirt, construct-up from your hair and follicles. This looks after any oiliness or resultant dandruff. You're left with hair this is smooth, vivid and gentle.

Right, here’s how you can make and use guava leaf extract in your hair:

Boil 6-8 guava leaves in a liter of water for 20 mins. Pressure the liquid and let it cool. Wash your hair with a good shampoo. Skip the conditioning.

Towel-dry your hair till it's far almost dry.

Phase your hair and follow the guava leaves solution.

Rubdown it deeply into your scalp and make sure your hair recommendations are saturated too.

Keep it away from the solution in your hair for up to 2 hours if you want. You may even keep the solution overnight.

Wash it off with Lukewarm Water.

You could also make a guava leaves masks with the aid of grinding the leaves coarsely with a bit watery. Apply the mask to your hair, massaging it nicely into your scalp and coating your hair proper till the tips.

Bottom Line

Those are some remarkable ways you may use guava for hair growth and treatment. Geared up to make a ride to the fruit market?


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