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5 Excellent Advantages of Using Vegetable Hair Dye
Jun 06, 2016
5 Excellent Advantages of Using Vegetable Hair Dye

Using artificial colors as hair dyes will cause severe affect your hair in many ways with the chemicals it has. It makes your hair lifeless, and your hair will lose its natural charm that it used to have previously.

So, it is better to go with natural products always. There are several natural vegetable hair dyes that can help your hair to boost it and gives several benefits to it.

By hearing about the vegetable hair dyes you may wonder, but once after its use you will know the actual result of it. Rather than using that harsh chemicals and damaging your hair, it is better to go with these natural dyes.  They are very safe to use as they don’t have any toxic substances or chemicals.

Vegetable dyes are a great benefit for those people having the allergic reactions to chemicals and will give you benefits that you can’t expect. So, let’s have a look at such vegetable dyes over here along with their benefits.

Naturally Available Hair Dyes

In the market there are several natural hair dyes available some are henna based, some are vegetable based, and some are oil based. There are also some dyes that are combined with hydrogen peroxide for making the color last for a long time to your hair.

So, it is necessary that you need to check the ingredients on the label before you choose the dye for your hair otherwise it may damage your hair slowly. Vegetable hair dyes are also known as stains as they don’t last for a long time. Though the ingredients are similar to the henna-based dyes, these vegetable dyes contain the inks that are dispersed but, to say they are great for the people having the gray hair.

If you want a permanent coverage, it is better to add little amount of the chemicals.

Various Types of Vegetable Hair Dye:

There are several types of vegetable hair dyes that can be made from fruits, flowers, mineral, root, stem and bark of the tree. The most commonly prepared hair dyes are from the leaves of a plant.

But, it is better to make the hair dyes that are extracted naturally from flowers and fruits that have different colors which can be used for preparing the vegetable hair dyes.

We can also get the mineral dyes from the naturally available minerals such as oxidized iron and mineral salts but, finding them is quite difficult. Chamomile is another popular dye which gives the yellowish color hue on your hair if applied.

As there are many types and colors of dyes available for making the hair dyes, choosing the right one depends on the color that you want it to have for your hair and the period you want it to have on your hair. In a market, you can find several brands which give vegetable dyes for hair available in various colors.

All these are made of ingredients that are of high quality for providing your hair healthy, strong and free from damage.

Advantages of Natural Vegetable Hair Dyes

There are various benefits of switching to the vegetable hair dyes available in the market, and few of those benefits are listed out here.

1. Retains the Structure of the Hair

The first most important benefit is it brings back your natural charm to your hair which is lost by using chemical based dye. Even the breakage of hair and making the hair unhealthy is not in the case of the vegetable hair dyes. It keeps the natural structure of the hair it has without any changes. This is a great benefit to say.

2. No Damage or Breakage of Hair

Though it is not necessary to say, it is one of the notable benefits which we can’t avoid mentioning it here. As vegetable-based hair dyes don't contain any chemicals or other types of harmful ingredients as in other dye products, they don’t make any kind of damage to your hair.

3. Safe for Usage during Pregnancy

Many pregnant women are feared of using the hair dyes during their pregnancy as they contain chemicals that may have the adverse effect of their child who is in her womb. It is the concern of all the pregnant women today.

But, they don’t have to worry about this issue because they have vegetable dyes with zero percent chemicals available in the market today. So, they can use them. But, before using it is always better to take the suggestion of your corresponding doctor as if you are a pregnant lady.

4. Conditions Your Tresses

Vegetable dyes are a collection of all natural and ingredients that give good benefits for your hair naturally. The natural ingredients present in this type of dyes can make your hair condition and even makes it smoother, silkier and shiny which you can’t get them through the harsh chemical based dyes.

5. Not Permanent

Women love to have to change their hair color for frequently to add a different look to their face and to have fun. For the women of that kind, vegetable dyes are very much beneficial as they are not permanent, and women need to wait for a long time to change the shade of their hair.

It only requires 8 to 10 times of shampoo to wash off that natural color so; it is one great benefit that women can have with the vegetable hair dyes.


To get all these amazing benefits and to protect your hair from harsh chemicals you need to switch definitely from other chemical hair dyes to the vegetable hair dyes available in the market. It is always suggested that going natural is better in any case.

So, do it if you want to color your hair naturally and get benefited. Before you purchase these vegetable based dyes read the label on the cover and make sure that it is 100 percent natural and then proceed further. This is all about the vegetable hair dyes and how they are beneficial for your hair.

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