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5 Home Remedies to Get Black Hair
Dec 01, 2016
5 Home Remedies to Get Black Hair

5 Ways to get Natural Black Hair


You ought to have heard about the fine consequences of Amla on millions of people. Many hair oils and hair care merchandise are made with Amla extract so that you can make the hair black, vivid and fresh. However, uncooked Amla also can be used for making your hair naturally black.

You have to take half a liter of water and put two desk spoon of Amla powder in it. Now upload some lemon juice in the solution. It is a splendid option to make your hair black in case you wash your hair with this answer daily.

Ghee with multi

You want to take 1 kg of Ghee or clean butter, 1 liter of Amla juice, and 250gm of multi and heat these kinds of in a low flame. Permit the water to evaporate from the combination. Now, you will get the actual content you are seeking out. Now, store the combination in a pitcher's box. You may use this hair mask each day before going for a hair wash. It is exceptionally powerful in bringing jet again coloration of your hair.


You must be amazed to examine the fact that, even the raw mango is helpful in gaining black hair. To make a mixture, you have to peel off a few unripe mangoes and add some mango leaves with it. Now put them in the mixture and blend them thoroughly by using, including a little oil. Now, you want to preserve this aggregate in exposed to the sun for a long term. You could apply this paste and get an incredible natural answer.

Mango stones

You can additionally apply the oil of mango stones for your hair to get black hair. That is also excellent for people having gray hair. It magically turns the white hair into black color. If you could practice this earlier than age, this may stop the hair to emerge as white very speedy after eradicating the damaging impact of dandruff.

Orange juice

Orange juice is likewise very powerful to get healthful and thick hair. You can add a few Amla with the orange juice to get thick in addition to black hair. You can peel off the orange and mash it so that it is able to be converted into pulp.

Now add some Amla powder in it and blend it very well. You may also view the alternate in color of orange as soon as mixed with Amla. This works brilliantly to create black and thick hair.


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