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9 Easy and Effective Tips for Straightening Hair at Home
Aug 17, 2016
9 Easy and Effective Tips for Straightening Hair at Home

When the word hair straightening is tossed then the image you create in your mind is about the advanced tools which employ heat in making the hair straight. But the image you create is not correct because there are many simple ways by which you can get straight hairs sitting at home.

Nine of such simple techniques are explained in the next lines:

Method 1: With the help of hair band

This method is very simple and will deliver natural straight hairs, you are required to wash your hairs with shampoo and conditioner, remove excess water, then get rid of tangles with a wide tooth comb, divide the hairs into two equal parts, tie it loosely with a rubber band and finally wrap the hairs with a silk scarf to avoid frizz. When the hairs get dry, then remove the scarf and band from the hairs and comb your hairs.

Method 2: Coconut and lemon juice

First, scratch out the flesh of a fresh coconut, add lemon juice to it and grind it into a fine creamy mixture. Store this mixture in a refrigerator for a night and the next day apply this creamy solution on the hairs with a gentle massage. Cover the hairs with a hot towel for an hour, then wash it. This formula will give natural straight, shiny and sleek hairs to you.

Method 3: Conditioner and few drops of almond oil

Another way to get straight and sleek hairs naturally is mixing a few drops of almond oil to your conditioner. First, wash the hairs with the regular shampoo and then apply the conditioner mixed with a few drops of almond oil to the hairs and wash it in the same manner you wash the conditioner.

Method 4: Castor and soybean oil

Take two spoons of castor oil mixed with one spoon of soybean oil, then heat this solution and let it be cool. Apply this solution on the hairs and keep it for half an hour, after that wash the hairs and keep your hairs rolled in a warm towel. But make sure that the hairs are left to dry naturally in the air and not with the help of any dryer or tool.

Method 5: Olive oil and aloe vera gel

Take half cup of olive oil mixed with half cup of aloe vera gel then mix them properly. Apply this solution on the hairs and let it rest there for about 30-45 minutes. After that wash your hairs and get natural straight and shiny hairs.

Method 6: Banana paste

Take two ripe banana and mash them properly, add olive oil, yogurt and a little honey to it and blend this mixture properly. Now apply this mixture equally on the hairs, keep it on hairs for 30 minutes and also keep the hairs covered with the shower cap. Wash the hairs as usual with your daily shampoo and get natural straight looking hairs.

Method 7: Spray the milk

Before 30 minutes of going to the shower, fill a spray bottle with milk, spray it all around the hairs and comb the hairs with a wide-tooth comb. After 30 minutes, wash the hairs with your regular shampoo and get straight hairs till the next shampoo.

Method 8: Egg and olive oil

Take two eggs and wipe them, add some olive oil to it and apply this mixture on hairs after blending it properly. After an hour wash the hairs with your regular shampoo and get shiny and straighter hairs.

Method 9: Pining the hairs for a night

Wash the hairs with the heavy conditioner and do not rub the hair with a towel as it may cause frizz in the hairs. Divide the hairs into few sections, take each section one by one and comb it to remove the tangled, then hold the hairs and pin the hair at a distance of a few inches. Once the hair dries properly, then remove the pins and get natural sleek and straight hairs.

Bottom line:

If you cannot afford or want to use costly tools and salon treatments, then the simple hair straightening techniques can be very helpful for you to achieve straight hairs.


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