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Benefits of Potato for Hair
Jun 27, 2016
Benefits of Potato for Hair

Hair fall, dandruff, dry hair, rough hair etc, there are many worst conditions of hair, which every now and then pops up and fears us to the core.  As hair is called as the crowning glory, it is literally a crown that brings glory to our life.  There are many techniques, oils, treatments, home remedies, workouts, etc to treat hair fall and other hair problems. 

When it comes to hair fall or any other hair condition, it is always advised to know the cause of that particular hair conditions before proceeding with a further treatment plan.  If you are lacking in supplements that are essential for healthy hair then supplement yourself with them so that there won’t be hair loss due to lack of supplements.  If you have dandruff because of dirt and pollution, take preventive measures so as to get rid of dandruff and thereby hair fall and skin issues. 

Awareness about hair fall

Hair fall is common now in almost all people.  The common reasons for hair fall are lack of nutritious food, pollution, unhealthy lifestyle, unhealthy eating habits, lack of working out etc. 
We may try and cope up with few things, but may fall back in few too.  So we are here today with a home remedy to treat all your bad hair conditions.

Why Potato?

Potato is a very common veggie that is available in most of our kitchens.  Sometimes because of its taste and sometimes because of its benefits, it ranks top in the veggie chart. 
So today we are revealing the best benefits of potato for hair fall.  They are very good at providing nourishment to the body and races next to rice, wheat, and maize.  Most of you people must be aware that potato can be used for attaining spotless skin.  Likewise, there are many benefits that are associated with potato for treating hair conditions.  Especially potato juice has been named for it. 

Let us know the benefits of potato for hair

Potato for hair growth

Potato juice comes into light with this amazing benefit that it provides to the hair. Most of the people face hair fall, but few people have a regrowth and few people may not have any.  In such cases, you can make use of potato juice for hair regrowth or good hair growth.

Potato, honey, and egg

All you need to do is take a fresh potato, peel the skin off and chop it into pieces.  Now using a blender blend it and squeeze juice out of it.  Now mix honey and egg white with the squeezed juice of potato.  Take the paste and start applying from the roots.  Don’t do it harshly, do it gently as the scalp is a very sensitive area.  Apply this paste all over your scalp and hair.  Let that past sit on your hair for two hours.  This time is enough for the hair to extract the benefits that are present in potato juice.  Now wash your hair with mild shampoo.  You no need to worry about the side effects as there are none associated with potato juice as it is absolutely naturally extracted.

Potato juice for best results

As your main intension is to stop hair fall and promote good hair growth, it is advised to concentrate on how you apply it on your hair.  In order to help promote hair growth potato juice should be applied to the hair in a particular manner.  Start with massing of your scalp with the help of potato juice.

Not just onto the scalp apply potato juice all over to the hairs strands.  When you are done with thorough massage and application, cover your head with a shower cap.  Let it stay on your hair for 20 to 25 minutes and then rinse it off with water.  In order to see good results, “repetition is the key”. 

This potato juice not only helps you with hair growth, but also provides shine to your hair and unlike egg and onion, which are also used for hair growth potato, does not exhibit strong smells.  Potato juice mixed with water can help a great deal in helping with the hair growth, but potato juice alone provides moisturization and deep nourishment to the hair.

Potato peel

Take some water and boil it to certain extent.  Now add potato peel to the boiled water and boil it for 20 minutes.  Now squeeze water out of the peel into a glass.  Wash your hair with water and rinse the squeezed water onto the hair.  This helps give natural and shining black color to your hair. 

Repeat this every alternate time you go for head bath.  If you are suffering with grey hair you can make use of this solution to get rid of it.  Instead of using coloring to your grey hair it is better to use potato peel squeeze to do so.

Potato and aloe juice

This combination of potato and aloe helps a great deal in treating hair fall.  If you are having with hair fall problem make sure to use this tip for best results.  Take 3 tbsp of potato juice, 3 tbsp of aloe juice, and 2 tbsp of honey.  Mix them well and apply it thoroughly all over your hair especially at the roots of your hair.  Let that solution sit on your hair for 2 hours and then wash it off with some mild shampoo.  Repeating this for twice a week can reduce your hair fall quickly.

Something like potato hair sounds funny, but our intention is to give you’re your dream of healthy and nice hair, for that you definitely need to give this potato juice a try.


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